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Cost of a 1 Week Uzbekistan Trip with a private driver

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1 Week Uzbekistan tour with a private driver. How much does a private, all-inclusive 7-day trip cost in Uzbekistan? Is Uzbekistan expensive to travel to? How much does it cost to go to Uzbekistan and hire a driver? How much do food and hotels cost in Uzbekistan and all Uzbekistan travel expenses?

Below you will see the overview of the real costs of accommodation, transport, meals, and visits for 1 Week's private tour of Uzbekistan with a personal driver.

  • The itinerary: Tashkent, Khiva, Bukhara, and Samarkand in 7 days
  • Transport: by car

How much does accommodation cost in Uzbekistan?

While Tashkent seems to have the greatest options for accommodation, the other hotels are also having more and more new hotels every year. When we organize tours around Uzbekistan, for us, the location of the hotel is one of the main factors. Therefore, the prices are given for the best-located hotels in cities.

  • Breakfast and hotel registration is included in the cost.
  • Budget (guesthouses): 30-40$
  • Mid-range (standard 3* & boutique hotels): 50-80$
  • Comfort (4* hotels): 80+ $

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How much does a car & driver hire cost in Uzbekistan?

A private 7-day trip with a driver for 2 travelers including Tashkent – Samarkand – Bukhara – Khiva – Tashkent costs you 35 USD per day, per person. This cost includes the accommodation and meals of the driver, unlimited mileage fuel, parking, and gratuities.

Some of our drivers have driven over one million kilometers in and around Uzbekistan. We call them the best and luckiest travelers because they have seen every natural beauty, all architectural wonders, and the most unique traditions of our region. We have a range of Private Uzbekistan Tours with personal drivers that can suit your interests.

Cost of food in Uzbekistan

Eating in Uzbekistan is possibly the cheapest part of your trip. Though compared to the other cities of Uzbekistan, the restaurants of Tashkent look a little bit more expensive. In the rest of the country, the cost of food is more or less the same. For eating in a good restaurant you can pay 5-8 USD (includes: salads, soup, main dish, mineral water, bread, and tea), and eating in a normal, mid-range restaurant or smaller teahouse costs about 3-5 USD. In general, for meals, you are going to spend around $10-12/day or slightly more than 70 USD during your 1Week Road Trip.

Buying fruits, dry fruits in the markets does not cost expensive. For 1-2 USD you can buy a few hundred grams of dry fruits. The cost of beer and a glass of wine will be about 2 USD and coffee costs about 1.5$.

Cost of visits and activities in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is a dream place for cultural visits, and each city has a pack of monuments with splendid architecture. A ticket to each monument costs from 0.5$ to 4$ and the average price is about 2$. Therefore, the more monuments you visit, the more you pay. Counting the main attractions of each city you will pay about 50 USD for visiting all the top attractions of Uzbekistan. In all cities, you can buy an individual ticket for each monument/museum (sold at the entrance) and in Khiva, you can just buy a city ticket which is the easiest way to move around the old city.

The average cost of the tour per person

  • Transport per day: 35$;
  • Accommodation per day: from 15$ for a budget hotel, 25$ for a mid-range hotel, and 40+$ for a higher class boutique style hotel;
  • The cost of food per day: 10-12$;
  • The cost of attractions per day: 7$;
  • Total per day: from 67 to 94+$;
  • Total for 1 week: from 469$ to 658+$.


This outline shows that an all-included 7-day tour of Uzbekistan with a private driver can be as cheap as $469 per day or as much as $658+. But still, compared to Western prices, traveling to Uzbekistan is still extremely affordable, and even with a smaller travel budget, you can feel experience some level of comfort and luxury. Have a look at this 10-Day All Included Trip to Uzbekistan.


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