(+998) 999-636-636
(+998) 999-636-636

We are CentAsia, backed by a selected team of independent Local Travel Suppliers in Uzbekistan. We are not intermediates, we plan each step of your trip together with you and we will accompany you during your stay. We don’t have workers and directors… we are all professional travel experts, tour guides and drivers… providing private trips around Uzbekistan .

We help people travel based on
personal preferences

Where we have started and what’s waiting for us

Everything started from a simple idea: what if we give travelers the opportunity to reach to the local travel suppliers directly? This can simply cut down the rates and make our destination accessible to a larger audience. It should not only provide easy trips but also should create a favorable environment where the uniqueness of each guide, driver is valued and everyone can remain as himself.

Our customers are unique

Our customers love the trips crafted individually by locals and guided by locals. They invest in local communities. They’re looking for real experiences avoiding “artificial tourist activities”. And we prepare for each of them the authentic activities/experiences “From the Inside”, that the usual travelers can not find during classical tours in Uzbekistan.

Happy May 2008, That’s where we have started

Not only the trips

Our mission is not only showing our country. We continue recruiting young ambassadors of local culture, attracting more local citizens to create new activities. We keep partnership with nonprofits like “Youth Committee” of Uzbekistan that are dedicated to developing people. Uzbekistan is not our work place, it’s our home. And we want to make sure it’s a place where brilliant ideas come to life. Moreover, we have created the first “Theater of Foreign Languages” in Uzbekistan and we are now happy to start building our “Mobile Training Center” for training the unemployed women of the Aral Sea region. And that’s only the beginning.


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Tel. (whatsapp): +998 999 636 636

“At childhood I was terribly afraid of flying

Now I have become the adventurer driving up to 10+ hours a day, visiting every corner of my country over and over again. I have personally known and admired the knowledge, skills and passion of each tour guide, driver and other local hosts that I invited to join CentAsia. I still enjoy driving around the country in search for undiscovered places, preparing blog posts in the mountains & deserts, guiding our guests … because the Silk Road heritage of Uzbekistan is so fascinating & we have so many stories to share.

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