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7 Reasons to Plan a Road Trip in Uzbekistan

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Uzbekistan cross-country road trip itinerary, points of interest of Uzbekistan cross-country road trip, road-trip attractions, Uzbekistan road trip budget. Visit all the best of Uzbekistan, without missing any incredible attractions? The essentials that you need to know before hiring a local private driver for a road trip across Uzbekistan.


7 Bonuses of Uzbekistan Cross-country Road Trips

1. No Waiting Time at Train Stations & Airports

Any Uzbekistan road trip itinerary helps you avoid standing in long lines waiting for your train or plane. Your local personal driver will be ready going wherever you want and whenever you want. This is the only way of being close to the local life, crossing small unvisited villages, typical markets in remote areas, and many other things that you would otherwise not be able to see. Book a cross-country road trip in Uzbekistan and follow your imaginations, explore everything you love – lakes, mountains, deserts, and steppes.

2. The Teahouse – Door to Local Life

Whatever you have packed in your lunch box can not replace the real flavors of the local food and lifestyle in chaykhana – teahouses. Like the Uzbeks say, ‘the life of the Uzbeks moves around a bazaar and around a teahouse". The road teahouses can be one of the highlights of your Uzbekistan road trip because they are the best places to discover the unseen Uzbek life. Enjoying time flexibility and no limited kilometers, stopping anywhere on the road to drink some tea, taste fresh melons & watermelons, try uncountable varieties of shashlik- kebabs, etc. that's what makes an experience-rich original road tour of Uzbekistan.

3. Your Trip Package can be completed

When you book a trip you often have a list of specific monuments that you are going to visit, but if you travel in Uzbekistan with an experienced local driver you will have a lot more other attractions to visit while you’re on the road. Nearly every time when you drive from one destination to another you will have the possibility to visit some untouched monuments or attractions standing not far from your route.

4. What Else I Miss if I Don’t Take a Road Trip in Uzbekistan?

The list of only-road-trip-attraction in Uzbekistan can be quite long and here you have some of them:

  • The Amu Darya panoramic view on the road between Khiva & Bukhara
  • A trip to the ancient Khorezm and Zoroastrian Heritage Sites
  • The trip to the Aral Sea and graveyard of boats in Muynaq
  • Gijduvan sites and ceramic galleries
  • The Takhtakaratcha Mountain Pass and the Valley of Demons
  • The Black & Iron Gates of Tamerlane
  • Drive through the Steppes of Hunger
  • Trip to the Silk Valley – Fergana

5. Uzbekistan is not only about Samarkand & Bukhara

In a plane and often in trains you do not see thousands of goats and sheep, wild steppe horses and camels. Hire your local Uzbek driver and be close to the true Uzbek life.

6. How about Uzbekistan Road Trip Budget?

The road trips in Central Asia and Uzbekistan are not only the richest-experience travels but they are quite more affordable than other types of tours. Traveling by car is cheaper than planes and sometimes cheaper than trains too!

7. You’re Never Alone, be Flexible

The locals in Uzbekistan are more than friendly and once you’ll arrive in the country you’ll feel that hospitality is not just a word. Contact with the local population is absolutely easy and there’s always someone who’ll come for help. So, getting lost is not an option.



Uzbekistan Road Trip Planning Essentials

While planning road trips and offering car & driver services in Uzbekistan for nearly 15 years, every day we encounter very important questions of our customers and here you can see the Most Frequently Asked Questions about road-tripping in Uzbekistan, hiring a polyglot driver in Uzbekistan, booking and canceling your road trip, choosing the best tourist routes and more.

If I have booked a road trip from Tashkent to Samarkand and later decided to go to the other cities – is it possible?

You can easily book a road trip for short or longer periods and if you need to modify the details of your road trip you need to inform your agent about it at least 24 hours ago. For urgent queries, you can contact us by WhatsApp.

If, due to longer visits I have returned to my hotel very late will I be charged more?

No, we do not charge you for extra hours or kilometers. But you have to bear in mind that in Uzbekistan the drivers are recommended not to drive more than 8 hours a day. You should respect the resting hours of your driver for your own safety.

I may need someone who will help me with my luggage. Can I ask my driver for help?

Yes, our drivers accept it as a part of their job and you don’t even need to ask them about it. Our drivers will not be only a driver but your dedicated travel companion who will do the maximum to help you live a comfortable Uzbekistan cross-country trip.

Should I pay expensive toll fees during a road trip in Uzbekistan?

In Uzbekistan, there are not any toll fees. All roads belong to the government and they are totally free. All expenses of the car and driving will be included in the cost of your tour.

Is there a serious theft problem in Uzbekistan?

Can I leave my unnecessary stuff in the car while visiting the monuments or when we stop for eating on the road?

Crime is almost non-existing in Uzbekistan. Especially in the tourist areas, there is a special department of police which works for the safety of travelers and their belongings. Moreover, when you will be visiting the monuments your driver will stay in the car and you will not have any issues with any views of crime. There is no risk in leaving your belongings in the car when you stop during intercity drives.

When I hire a car with a driver for my road trip in Uzbekistan, should I pay for fuel?

No, our car hire services in Uzbekistan are All-Inclusive Packages. Once you pay for your road trip, all the following will be covered:

  • Fuel;
  • Parking and any road expenses of the car;
  • All expenses of the driver.

If I hire to book a road trip in Uzbekistan just before my arrival or while I am in Uzbekistan, how can I pay?

If you book a road trip just before your arrival or when you are already in Uzbekistan, you can simply pay directly to your driver by Cash in USD, Euro, or in local currency.

Due to any reason can I upgrade my car during the road trip?

We recommend you to decide carefully your car before booking it but if you decide to change your car to a bigger or higher-class auto we can change it easily. Please don’t forget to inform us about it at least 24 hours prior to the change.

Why do I need to inform you about my change plans early?

If you travel during the tourist season in Uzbekistan, at least 80 percent of our drivers will always be busy and we need time to send you the right guide or the driver of the car at the right time. Besides, sometimes, we may need to send the car/driver from another city and it takes some time. Therefore, the earlier you get in touch with us, the faster we can find a solution.

What kind of discounts can I get if I book a road trip?

You can enjoy some discounts for booking a road trip if:

  • You have already booked a driver for a cross-country trip in Uzbekistan with us;
  • If you have been directed to us by one of our old clients;
  • If you are planning a road trip for longer periods (8+ days)

What extras I’ll have to pay?

If you totally change your travel itinerary, and if decide to go to places that are not included in your itinerary and far from your initial itinerary may be asked to pay an extra.

Can I travel to Kyrgyzstan with the driver that I have booked for the Uzbekistan road trip?

It is possible if you want to do a multi-country road trip, our drivers can go to Kyrgyzstan or Kazakhstan. But, to make things easy and to support the local experts, we prefer to book individual drivers for a road trip in each country.


Have more questions about traveling to Uzbekistan or need help finding a holiday to suit you, get in touch with us by email: info@tourscentralasia.com, by Whatsapp: +998 999 636 636, and start creating your trip with a local expert.


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