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Best Shopping Places in Uzbekistan / Where to Buy in Central Asia

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Best shopping places in Uzbekistan. All you need to know about Uzbekistan shopping in Uzbekistan. Best places for buying souvenirs, ceramics & silk products, places to buy antiques. Famous things to buy in Tashkent, are shopping places in Samarkand, Bukhara & Fergana valley. Below you will find a list of places recommended for Best Shopping in Uzbekistan.


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Abulkasim Madrassah, Tashkent

An old Madrassah of Tashkent has now become a center of crafts and some of the renowned craftsmen of the city now work in this wonderful jewel of architecture. One can find here everything, from wood carving to ceramics and from Persian miniatures to musical instruments. This is one of the top places to buy the most famous things in Tashkent. In Abulkasim Madrassah you will not only see the products of local crafts but you can also see the craftsmen creating beautiful objects.

The Chorsu Bazaar, Tashkent.

Probably the oldest, but surely the biggest traditional-style bazaar of Tashkent. The Chorsu Bazaar has crafts items coming from all over Uzbekistan and it can be the best place for Shopping for travelers who can not visit all the shopping attractions of Uzbekistan. If you are not sure about "what to buy from Tashkent", you have to go to the Chorsu market and for sure, you will find something interesting that you may like to buy.

Yodgorlik Silk Factory Margilan (Fergana Valley)

Some of the most popular attractions of Fergana Valley are the huge shopping centers of all of Uzbekistan. The Yodgorlik Silk Factory of Margilan in Fergana Valley is one of the most important Silk Shopping places of Uzbekistan. Some 2000 people work hard all year for producing silk products, by hand mechanically. Not the biggest but one of the best places for seeing all processes of producing various items from silk and a nice place for some silk shopping in Uzbekistan.

Ceramics Factory, Rishtan (Fergana Valley)

Rishtan or Rishton in Fergana Valley is a village of ceramists. There are several ceramics workshops, ceramics shops, and markets in Rishton. If you are going to this place, you are highly recommended to go to the family-owned ceramics workshop of Rustam Usmanov. For a ceramics lover, this is a great place to be.

Siyob Bazaar, Samarkand

This old bazaar of Samarkand has remained as important as it used to be in the middle ages. Giant mosque situated just beside it, beautiful colors of silk all around, amazing flavor of fresh bread and spices… One of the best places for spices at incredibly reasonable rates.

Khovrenko Wine Factory, Samarkand

The perfect address for buying the best quality as well as cheap vodka & winery products.

Romanenko Silk Workshop Samarkand

Well-known designer Valentina Romanenko’s house has a long time ago become a big showroom of any type of wear from silk. Each visit needs to be planned ahead and for each group of visitors they prepare a special musical dance show which can be called “The Show of Mystical Clothes of Uzbekistan”.

Bukhara Puppet Workshop

Situated just at the main place of old Bukhara, near the Lyabi Khauz complex is one of the MUST for travelers who seek some original Shopping in Uzbekistan.

Taqi-Sarrafon, Taqi-Telpakfurushon , Taqi-Zargaron in Bukhara

The “taqs”, large trading domes in old Bukhara - are stores of souvenirs made by local craftsmen. These trade centers have nearly all types of local crafts products that you may take in Bukhara. Even if you don’t buy anything, the architecture of these trade domes is amazing.

Kumtepa Bazaar, Margilan

The city of Margilan has a reputation as a place for silk producers. The Kumtepa bazaar can be an ideal choice for people who want o buy low-cost silk products. if you want to make a visit to Kumtepa bazaar, you should arrive in Margilan the day before and go to the market early in the morning. The prices of Kumtepa bazaar may seem cheaper than in the showroom of the Yodgorlik factory since the quality can be different too.

Urgut Market

About 40 km far from Samarkand, Urgut is one of the vast, wild, and typical Uzbek markets. You should take your time to walk in the bazaar, to compare, and to negotiate with the vendors. Urgut is known as a great place for buying Suzani – embroideries and similar textiles products made locally. If you are interested in some antique stuff, Urgut is one of the places that you should go to.

Uzbekistan Shopping Places for Antiques

It’s hard to buy a market or shop which sells only antique crafts but you can go to a few places in Uzbekistan where you will find them. One of such places is the Broadway of Tashkent. Broadway is a pedestrian street between Independence Square and the Parc Amir Temur. In the evenings you will find a row of vendors who will be selling various antique things. The Yangiabad (Tizikovka) bazaar of Tashkent can be another option. Tizikovka is a huge market of used stuff and you will have a real opportunity to find some antiques in it.

Other than that, if you want antique carpets, antique textiles, and jewels you can count on the Urgut market. The Chorsu shop of Khiva (stands face to Café Terrassa) is a good place for buying reliable antique things.


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