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Uzbekistan Tours from Australia | Central Asia Tours

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Private holidays from Australia to Uzbekistan designed by locals. Start planning your Uzbekistan trip from Australia with a local expert. Flights to Uzbekistan from Australia, Uzbekistan visa for Australian citizens, what to see in Uzbekistan & private Uzbekistan tour packages for Australians. Book Uzbekistan tour packages from Australia with the best sightseeing and excursions. 


Looking for tour packages in Uzbekistan? Please check our Uzbekistan Tour packages or Private Driver services in Uzbekistan or ask a local expert about traveling to Uzbekistan from Australia.

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Tours to Uzbekistan from Australia

Customized Vacations from Australia to Uzbekistan

Privately guided tours of all the hidden wonders of Uzbekistan are a fantastic way to live the adventure you’ve always desired with private Uzbekistan tour packages from Australia. Whether it is a cultural tour or you want to make an Indiana Jones adventure, we provide the most value for money and security of travel in Uzbekistan.

From the unique citadel of Khiva to the majestic architecture of Samarkand and Bukhara, making a trip to Uzbekistan from Australia includes the country’s most captivating places and scenic landscapes. During your vacation in Uzbekistan, we bring you to the best-located hotels and most typical restaurants across the cities of Samarkand, Bukhara, Tashkent, and Khiva to make sure that you will live the best vacation in the most successful and affordable way.


uzbekistan from Australia with local agency Australia to Uzbekistan with locals


Our Top Uzbekistan Holidays from Australia

We have carefully selected 3 customizable tours popular among tourists from Australia. These tours take you to places both remote and popular, with fascinating culture and extraordinary architecture.

Uzbekistan travel package from Australia, Cultural Tours



Private travel to the best places of Bukhara, Samarkand, Tashkent, and Khiva during a very unique period - Navruz. The Navruz is an amazing period of the year full of diverse celebrations. Among so many music, culinary, crafts, sports shows, and demonstrations the Buzkashi is another very unique event organized during Navruz.

This trip is the best opportunity to experience an unforgettable Immersion in the real local culture.

This trip can be modified depending on your interests.

This tour is one of the best-escorted tours of Uzbekistan which includes visiting the best World Heritage sites of Uzbekistan. The tour is private and travelers will be accompanied by experienced local expert guides.

Duration: 9Days/ 8Nights (flexible)

Itinerary: Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara

Highlights: visit all top UNESCO attractions of Tashkent, ancient mosques, and holy shrines of Bukhara, and Samarkand.

From US $665  9 days ex flights.


♦ Private Tour to All UNESCO SITES of Uzbekistan

Private Uzbekistan travel itinerary for Australian travelers. Immerse yourself in the rich Uzbek culture and traditions during this 10-day cultural adventure. The tour is private and can be customized based on your flights/interests.

Duration: 10Days/ 9Nights

Itinerary: Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Shakhrisabz, Khiva

Highlights: visit all top UNESCO attractions of Khiva (best of all 250 monuments), Bukhara (best of all 60+ monuments), Shahrisabz (3 UNESCO sites), and Samarkand (best of 10+ monuments of the city).

From US $734 10 days ex flights


Highlights of Uzbekistan & Yurt Camps Authentic Tour

A great combination of a cultural Uzbekistan tour with a touch of culture that offers to experience some beautiful moments of nomadic lifestyle.

Duration: 10Days/ 9Nights

Itinerary: Tashkent, Khiva, Bukhara, Nurata Yurt Camp, Samarkand

Highlights: a wonderful trip to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Uzbekistan, overnight in nomadic yurts in the desert Kyzyl Kum, authentic immersion with the local population in Nurata, visit the majestic places of Samarkand & Bukhara.

From US $756 10 days ex flights


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Optional Tours

Customize your Uzbekistan trip from Australia with these optional tours

To enhance and make your travel vacation to Uzbekistan completely personalized, you can pick any of the optional tours and activities:

♦ Visit the Buddhist and Muslim heritage of Termez in the south of Uzbekistan

Duration: 2 Days

Highlights: some of the world’s oldest Buddhist heritage sites – Fayaztepa, Karatepa & Zurmala; monuments of the early Islamic period;

♦ Trip to Boysun mountains

Duration: 1-2 days

Highlights: village stay, immersion with locals, and easy/medium hiking;

♦ Trip to Chimgan mountains Chimgan

Duration: 1-4 days

Highlights: great place for easy hiking, multi-day trekking, camping in the mountains, and star gazing;

♦ A trip to Muynaq – the Aral Sea

Duration: 1-2 days

Highlights: the graveyard of boats of the Aral Sea, museum of the history of the Aral Sea, Mizdakhan necropolis, plateau Ustyurt.


What else to see in Uzbekistan?

The best time to visit Uzbekistan from Australia is from March to November, and the most popular duration of a private Uzbekistan tour is 8-12 days. Apart from the classic visits, we have a wide range of activities that you may add to your itinerary. We can tailor all our tours based on your preferences:

  • Horse riding or hiking in a unique desert forest in the nature reserve – Badai Tugai or Bactrian camel riding safaris in the Red Desert – Kizilkum.
  • Village-to-village bicycle riding easy/medium tours near Khiva.
  • A Buzkashi tour  - a trip to the most epic national game of the people of Central Asia. If you are planning to visit Uzbekistan from early November to early March, we can arrange a day trip to see the Buzkashi game. Alternatively, we can organize a private Buzkashi.
  • Be a guest of a real Uzbek wedding. This experience can be one of the highlights of your trip.
  • El Merosi – a dance show of Traditional Costumes of all history of Central Asia in Samarkand. This show will take you on a journey over the absolute history of the most original clothes, colors, and dances… of Central Asia.
  • Samarkand Night Laser Show - the place of Registan in Samarkand is probably the most magnificent monument in Uzbekistan and it becomes a really majestic place during the Lights & Sounds show. During the travel season, the laser show is organized every evening or on specific days of the week. To know the up-to-date information be sure to get in touch with your local agent.
  • Ak- Sheikh Baba – an ancient monument in Khiva, an observation tower, which used to be a place from where the soldiers could see the enemies approaching. Now it’s a fantastic place in Khiva to enjoy a beautiful view over the whole citadel.

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How to plan an Uzbekistan tour from Australia?

How to visit Uzbekistan from Australia?

Planning a vacation to Uzbekistan from Australia is easy with the help of local experts. From start to finish, we work alongside you to make the ideal itinerary that you want. When you first contact us, we will suggest you a custom-made tour based on your interests. After that, we will communicate with you to ensure that your Uzbekistan tour from AUSTRALIA matches your expectations.

When you are happy with your travel package/itinerary, we will book your Uzbekistan tour confirming your hotels, guides and drivers, domestic flight/train tickets, and all other details of your tour in Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan Visa for Australian Citizens

Do Australian citizens need visas for Uzbekistan?

Until recent years, the citizens of Australia needed to pay over a hundred US dollars to get an official letter of invitation and to pay more again for getting an Uzbekistan visa. Now, the citizens of Australia do not need a visa to enter Uzbekistan. Australian citizens can enter Uzbekistan once and stay in the country for up to 30 days without any visa. Australian citizens need a visa to Uzbekistan if they stay longer than 3o days.

Taking an Organized tour of Uzbekistan from Australia

While it’s certainly possible to travel to Uzbekistan independently, it’s far easier to have an organized trip. It’ll help you avoid the hassle and endless research to create your itinerary and a local travel expert can easily prepare the right tour that you’d like to experience.

Uzbekistan Tour Hotels

Where to stay in Uzbekistan and how to find the perfect accommodation?

Whether you want to experience Uzbekistan with Western comfort or Uzbek simplicity, we have the right option for you! Choose your favorite category of hotels from a wide range of accommodation options all offering a 24-hour front desk and room service:

  • Authentic small gems in narrow streets of the old cities with rooftop terraces offering amazing city views as well as perfectly located high-class international hotels;
  • Charming Boutique hotels with authentic designs and great interiors are attractions themselves. With their responsive English-speaking staff dedicated to ensuring high-quality service, they are one of the top choices of travelers from AUSTRALIA;
  • Rather simple but comfortable and clean Traditional family hotels/guesthouses with nice rooms, friendly atmosphere, excellent breakfast, gorgeous courtyards, and all modern amenities.

We are locals and we know every corner of our country which permits us to recommend to you the best accommodation to match your requirements.

Flights to Uzbekistan from Australia

Currently, several airline companies offer flights from Australia to Uzbekistan. There are no direct flights from Australia to Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan has direct flights with more than 50 cities of the world and for flying from Australia to Uzbekistan you should choose a connection in one of these cities.

Top airline companies offering flights from Australia to Uzbekistan are Malaysia Airlines, Asiana Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Korean Air, and Emirates Check Korean Air, China Southern, and Malaysia Airlines while booking a flight from Australia to Uzbekistan. They are among the most used airlines when flying to Uzbekistan from Australia.

NEW: from early 2023, WIZZ AIR started offering low-cost tours to Uzbekistan. From March 29th, 2022, Qatar Airways has started offering flights to 140+ destinations from Tashkent. Now you can fly to Uzbekistan from Paris, New York, Istanbul, Dubai... with Qatar Airways.

In order to make your flight from Australia to Uzbekistan simple, travelers from Australia are recommended to arrive and depart from Tashkent.

How to find the cheapest flight from Australia to Uzbekistan?

  • You can fly from Australia to Moscow/St. Petersburg and fly to Uzbekistan from there;
  • Fly from Australia to Beijing and arrive/depart in/from Uzbekistan from Almaty through Air Astana;
  • Find a connection in Dubai or Seoul and fly to Tashkent from there;
  • Singapore and Kuala Lumpur are other connections to fly directly to Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

Reservations and Payments

Reservations can be made by email and will be confirmed upon receipt of your deposit, which must be received at the time of reservation. Deposits are 10% of the total cost of the tour for all 2021 departures and 20% of the cost of the tour for all 2022 departures. Full payment is due 30 days prior to departure. You can contact your local agent to discuss alternative ways of payment.


More tips for Uzbekistan tours from Australia

♦ Money

Cash is your best friend in Uzbekistan. Though some hotels and craft shops accept credit cards, you will need to bring some US dollars. If you don’t to be carrying a large amount of cash, it can be a great option to book an organized tour where all hotels, transport, meals, and attractions are included. Otherwise, you can always find ATMs to withdraw money whenever you need. Note: try to bring new, crispy banknotes. If your banknotes are torn, written, have a stamp, etc. the Uzbek banks may charge a commission (5-10%) for changing them into local currency.

♦ How much does it cost to travel from Australia to Uzbekistan?

Is Uzbekistan expensive to travel to? Uzbekistan can be a very inexpensive place if the trip is planned carefully. Our private trips in Uzbekistan from AUSTRALIA cost from less than 55$ to 140$ a day. This pricing includes transport services, services of professional tour guides, accommodation in shared double/twin rooms,s, and some meals.

You can see our Trip Ideas or contact your local travel expert to request your personalized tour.

♦ Solo travel to Uzbekistan from Australia

Is Uzbekistan Safe for Australian Solo Travelers? How to travel around Uzbekistan as a Solo traveler from Australia?

Uzbekistan is safe to travel for Australian citizens. You will be safe to travel around the country by yourself. You can go to a restaurant alone, walk in the streets or take a taxi. The criminality rate is low, it is easy to get around the country, and thanks to the friendly Uzbek people, from the first day you will feel the comfort and security of contact with the locals. The existence of tourist police all around will give you even more confidence that you will be safe everywhere.

Thousands of people are traveling in Uzbekistan solo or independently every year and if you will be traveling by yourself, the only problem they can confront is the language barrier.

♦ Embassy of Australia in Uzbekistan

There is no Australian embassy in Uzbekistan. you can check the Australian embassy in Russia.

Address: Podkolokolny Pereulok 10A/2, Moscow 109028, Russia

Telephone: 7 495 956 6070

Website: http://www.russia.embassy.gov.au


Have more questions about traveling to Uzbekistan or need help finding a holiday to suit you, get in touch with us by email: info@tourscentralasia.com, by Whatsapp: +998 999 636 636, and start creating your trip with a local expert.


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