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Uzbekistan All Classics Tour – Aral Sea, Fergana Valley, Yurts, 17D

Price per person in USD :$1,010

Itinerary: Tashkent – Nukus – Aral Sea – Khiva – Bukhara – Yurt Camps – Samarkand – Shakhrisabz – Kokand – Fergana – Margilan – Tashkent
Duration: Days 17


- Discover Uzbekistan’s Silk Road cities, visit the Aral Sea, live like nomads in Yurt Camp, and see the Best of Fergana Valley all in one tour;

- Combine the most popular and classic things with the hidden gems of Uzbekistan: necropolis of Zoroastrians near Nukus, cemetery of ships in Muynak, antique citadels and picturesque mountain passes;

- Stay in carefully selected, well-located hotels and enjoy private guided visits of the Uzbek cities;

- Crafts workshops and the most typical places to taste local flavors;

- This tour is private and it will be organized only for you, your family, friends.

All Classics tour package of Uzbekistan to discover the Aral Sea, Fergana Valley, and the best cities of Uzbekistan. Ultimate 17 Day tour ideally charged with tours to Khiva, Samarkand, Bukhara, and drives through Steppes of Ustyurt, charming mountain passes, and immense deserts. If you are planning a customizable tour of Uzbekistan for over 2 weeks, this Uzbekistan best classics tour itinerary is a perfect fit for you.
The best season for Uzbekistan’s All Classics Tour to Fergana, Aral Sea & Yurts is from April to late October. This 17 Day Uzbekistan’s All Classics trip is private and can be extended/customized based on your timeframe, dates, and interests. Pre & Post tour extensions are available.

Tour program

Complete tour of All Classics of Uzbekistan, specially designed by local travel experts

Private escorted tour of Uzbekistan to visit Fergana Valley, Aral Sea, and everything in between.



Arrive in Tashkent, welcome at the airport, and transfer to the hotel for check-in. Time for rest.


Full day for visiting Tashkent.

In the morning we invite you to visit the most traditional and ancient part of Tashkent where you will visit the old madrasas, mosques, minarets, and mausoleums of Central Asian Silk Road architecture. During the visit, you can visit the biggest bazaar of Tashkent – Chorsu Bazaar.

In the afternoon you will continue the visits in the modern part of Tashkent:

  • A couple of beautiful stations of the metro of Tashkent; Pakhtakor and Alisher Navoi are 2 stations of metro decorated in cultural/traditional style;
  • Memorial of the Victims of the Great Repression;
  • The place Mustakillik Maidoni and The park Amir Temur.

Tip: if you want to have a traditional lunch, we recommend you to taste the most famous food of Uzbekistan – Plov in the Central Asian Plov Center. That’s a place where you can taste different varieties of plov.

We can assure you that your first day in Uzbekistan will be rich in emotions and discoveries. Every monument you visit, and every corner of the bazaar you see will amaze you with their unique but simple Uzbek atmosphere. And they will prepare for more surprising cultural discoveries.

Overnight in Tashkent.


Early breakfast at the hotel and transfer to the domestic airport of Tashkent to take the morning flight to Nukus (07:40,1255km, 1 h. 45 min. flight). Arrive in Nukus and drive to the former port city of the Aral Sea – Muynaq (220 km, 3 h.).

On arrival in Muynak, you will have time to visit the famous “Cemetery of boats” of the Aral Sea and to visit the museum of the history of the Aral. After the visits, you will return to Nukus, and just before arriving in Nukus, you will visit the ancient necropolis – the complex Mizdakhan.

Overnight in Nukus.

Day4. NUKUS – KHIVA (190 km)
After breakfast, you will visit the famous Savitsky Art Museum. This museum hosts the world's second-largest collection of Soviet avant-garde artwork and it has been famous for having a hidden gallery of some masterpieces which were forbidden in the Soviet Union.

After visiting the museum of Nukus, you will depart to Khiva. On the way, you will stop by visiting the ancient desert citadels – Kizil Kala and Toprak Kala.

Option: On the way to Khiva, you can visit a very unique desert forest in the nature reserve Badai Tugai. The area of the nature reserve is densely covered with desert trees – Saxaul and it is also home to over 1500 desert gazelles. If that’s something you like, we can add this small trip to your itinerary.

Continue the drive to Khiva and you will arrive in the city by the end of the day. Check in to the hotel and have free time for rest. Your hotel in Khiva will be located in the old city which makes it easy to go out for walking.

Overnight in Khiva.

Breakfast at the hotel. Today you will spend your day in UNESCO World Heritage site Ichan Kala citadel. Visit some of the 250 monuments of the old citadel:

  • The west gate – Ata Darwaza;
  • The blue minaret – Kalta Minor and its madrasa;
  • The Ark citadel with its summer mosque, reception hall, and the Observation tower (optional);
  • The Tosh Khovli Palace with the Harem;
  • The mausoleum of Pahlawan Mahmud with the biggest dome in the citadel;
  • The madrasa Muhammad Rahimkhan;
  • The old slave market in the East Gate;
  • The Juma mosque – a 1000-year-old mosque with its unique architecture and 213 wooden columns.

After the visits, you will have some free time to walk on the walls of the citadel or to climb to the observation tower and a minaret which give a perfect panoramic view over the whole citadel

*Walking in the streets of the old city after dinner can be one of the best experiences of your Uzbekistan & Aral Sea Trip. That’s when you feel that you are in the stories of 1001 nights!

Overnight in Khiva.

After breakfast, you will be transferred to Bukhara through the desert Kyzyl Kum (Red Desert). *This transfer can be made by train.

During the drive, you will stop to see a panoramic view of the Amu Darya river and to have lunch in a typical desert restaurant. You will arrive in Bukhara by the end of the day. Time for rest at your hotel.

Before dinner, we invite you to take a short walk in the center of the old city which will give you the first impression of this ancient city of the caravans.

Option: Just after leaving Khiva, you will stop in a small village where you can taste fresh Uzbek bread and see the preparation of Uzbek bread in a traditional clay oven - tandoor.

Overnight in Bukhara.

Day7. BUKHARA (visits on food)

Breakfast at your hotel. Today you will visit some of the most beautiful monuments of Uzbekistan. Your day will be full of well-narrated stories, the discovery of the culture and crafts of Bukhara which differs a lot from Khiva. The activities of the day:

  • Mausoleum of Samanids (9th century);
  • Bolo Khauz – the mosque with 40 pillars and the citadel Ark;
  • The complex Kalon with the biggest mosque, the biggest madrasa, and the highest minaret in the city;
  • Chor Minor;
  • The monuments of Lyabi Khauz ensemble.

Option: Dinner with traditional dance and fashion show in the madrasa Nodir Devanbeghi.

Overnight in Bukhara.

Day8. BUKHARA – the palaces and Sufi places
After breakfast, you will start the next step of the visits in Bukhara. With your driver and guide, you will visit 2 important monuments outside the old city:

  • The summer residence of the Emirs of Bukhara – Sitorai Mokhi Khossa with its Administrative Palace, Octagonal Palace, and Harem;
  • The center of Sufism of Bukhara in the necropolis Naqshbandi.

In the afternoon you will have some free time to revisit your preferred places, visit the huge number of workshops, etc. If you would like to make a traditional “tea time”, we recommend you to go to the Silk Road Teahouse in the center of the old city where you can taste different sorts of tea (herbal tea, tea with saffron, ginger tea, etc.). Besides, you may go to one of the old Hammams near the trade dome Toqi Telpakfurishon for having a traditional, energetic massage and a hammam session.

Overnight in Bukhara.

Day9. BUKHARA - NURATA (Yurt Camp in the Red Desert, 260km, 3-4hrs)

After breakfast, you will be transferred to the Qizilqum SafariYurt Camp located in the middle of the desert. On the road, you will have several stops to visit the Gijduvan ceramics workshop in the house of the famous ceramist Abdullo Narzullaev, to visit the Sardoba – ancient reservoir of water built 600 years ago for the caravans of the Silk Road, to see petroglyphs on the rocks and to visit the sacred Chashma complex in Nurata.  

Upon arrival at the yurt camp, you will be offered tea and dry fruits. Free time to discover the fauna and flora of the desert around the camp.

Evening program: camel riding, local nomadic dinner, music show around the campfire.

Night in a yurt (* yurts can be collective: for 2-4 people).

Day10. YURT CAMP – SAMARKAND (270km, 3-4 hrs)

After breakfast, you can go to lake Aydarkul (9km). You will have free time by the lake for enjoying the birdlife of the area and for swimming in the lake (if the weather permits).

Optional: you can have a lunch picnic with a beautiful view of the lake.

11:45: Drive to Samarkand. You will arrive in Samarkand by the end of the day. Transfer to the hotel, time for rest.

In the evening, we will invite you to make a Samarkand by Night tour where you will rediscover Gur-Emir and Registan with absolutely different colors!

Overnight in Samarkand.

Day11. SAMARKAND, the heart of the Silk Road

Breakfast at the hotel. Today, in the heart of the Silk Road, you will visit some of the highlights of your trip. Start your morning with a visit to the most iconic place of Uzbekistan – the Registan place. Visit all 3 magnificent madrasahs of the famous Registan. Then you will walk a little to go to the ancient mosque of Samarkand – the Bibi Khanum mosque and walk in the oriental bazaar of Samarkand located just next to the mosque.

In the afternoon, you can visit the Shakhi Zinda necropolis and its 20+ mausoleums all in one place. This complex of monuments is one of the most visited places in Uzbekistan and it will be a beautiful end to visits of the day.

Option: If you still want to see more dances and music and traditional clothes, we recommend you the Show of traditional clothes of all history of Central Asia at the theatre El Merosi in Samarkand.

Overnight in Samarkand.


Breakfast at the hotel. Samarkand still has more things to see and today you will continue the visits in Samarkand:

  • The mausoleum Gur-Emir is another wonder of architecture. You will love visiting this monument richly decorated with gold, jade, marble, ceramics, and mosaics;
  • Samarkand Silk Paper Workshop;
  • The Observatory of Ulugh Beg.

Options: If you have time and you like wine, you can visit the Khovrenko Winery factory where you can also have a small wine tasting. Alternatively: if you like local markets, in a 40-minute drive from Samarkand you can visit the most cultural/folklore place of Uzbekistan – the Bazaar of Urgut. It is a great place to walk in a very traditional market with almost no influence of tourism and to buy some 100% locally made craft things.

Overnight in Samarkand.


Breakfast at your hotel. Drive to the south of Uzbekistan through Takhtakaracha mountain pass to visit the city of Shahrisabz. Shahrisabz is one of the UNESCO places of Uzbekistan and today you will visit:

  • The crypt of Amir Temur and the mausoleum of his sons;
  • The complex of the Blue mosque with richly decorated mausoleums of the Saints;
  • The impressive ruins of the White Palace of Tamerlane – Ak Saray.

After the visits, you will return to Samarkand.

Tip: the road to Samarkand passes through the mountain pass Takhtakaracha. Takhtakaracha is widely famous in Uzbekistan for its traditional cuisine – Tandir Meat (entire lamb cooked during long hours in a traditional clay oven and flavored with herbs from the mountains). If you are a meat lover, you should consider tasting the Tandoor/Tandir Meat before arriving in Samarkand.

Arrive in Samarkand, check in to the hotel.

Overnight in Samarkand.

Day14. SAMARKAND – KOKAND (420 km)

Breakfast at the hotel. Drive to Fergana Valley, to the city of Kokand through beautiful Zerafsahn mountains, Steppes of Hunger, and picturesque mountain pass Kamchik (2300m).

You will arrive in Kokand in the afternoon. Upon arrival, you will visit the palace of Khudoyor khan and the mosque Jome. With amazing ceilings and beautiful colors of decorations, these 2 monuments are totally different from what you see in the rest of Uzbekistan.

After the visits, you will be transferred to a hotel in Kokand. Free time for rest.

Overnight in Kokand.


Breakfast and morning drive to Rishton, to the village of ceramists. During the Soviet period, thousands of ceramists of Uzbekistan have been sent to work and live in this village and it still remained as a center of ceramics of Uzbekistan. You will visit the family workshop of the famous ceramist – Rustam Usmanov. The works of Rustam Usmanov are considered one of the finest and most creative in the area.

After visiting the ceramics workshop you will continue the drive towards Margilan, the city of silk. You will visit the “Yodgorlik” Silk Factory in Margilan. Visiting the silk factory will be very interesting because you will see the full procedure of producing silk products; from the cocoons to dying, from embroidery to knitting, etc.

If you have time, you can also visit the craft center of Margilan located in a small beautifully decorated madrasa.

Overnight in Margilan.

Day16. MARGILAN – TASHKENT (360km)

Breakfast and drive to Tashkent. You can make a stop at the top of the mountains to enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of the mountains.

You will arrive in Tashkent in the afternoon. Transfer to your hotel and time for rest. in the evening you can make your last walk in the park of Amir Temur and the Place of Independence.

Overnight in Tashkent.


Morning transfer to the Tashkent International Airport.


*The end of our services!

All the best classics of Uzbekistan tour packages await you. Hope to see you in the land of the sun, the crossroads of Silk Road. Good Luck!


Personalize this Custom-made 16Nights, 17Days All Classics Tour to Uzbekistan Cities, Aral Sea, Yurts and Fergana Valley. Get in touch with us by email: info@tourscentralasia.com, by Whatsapp: +998 999 636 636, and start creating your trip with a local expert.


Best Places to visit on Uzbekistan’s Best Classics Tour

Most of the top places of Uzbekistan are covered in this private tour. If you want to travel to the same places but you don’t have enough time, you can consider the Private Uzbekistan Tour with Yurt Camping & Hiking (11 days), or the tour to the Best Places of Uzbekistan from Tashkent to the Aral Sea (12 days).


Tour price

4-6 travelers: 1010$
2-3 travelers: 1316$


Perfectly-located 3* hotels, in double occupancy including breakfast;

Accommodation in the Yurt Camp with breakfast;

Sightseeing tour program in each city with local guides (except for city tour in Nukus and trip to fortresses of Ancient Khorezm);

Transportation with A/C, throughout the whole trip;

Entrance tickets to museums / monuments;

Dinner in the Yurt Camp on Day 9;

Samarkand by Night tour;

1b mineral water every day.

Not included

International air tickets;

Economy class ticket for flight Tashkent-Nukus;

Single room supplement ($180);

Full board (lunches and dinners $190);

Tips and gratuities.

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$ 1010

per person

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