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From Tashkent to the Aral Sea with Private Driver & Guide, 12 Days

Price per person in USD :$640

Itinerary:Tashkent - Samarkand - Bukhara - Nurata - Yangigazgan - Khiva - Nukus - Muynaq (Aral Sea)
Duration: 12 Days

Private tour to the Aral Sea and cities of Uzbekistan with a local driver and guide. Personal guided tours and private car with driver to travel to Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Nukus and the Aral Sea in Uzbekistan. Tour to the Aral Sea and popular tourism places of Uzbekistan with independent driver and guides.
Duration of the trip: the duration and itinerary of the tour is flexible

Tour program

Day 1. Arrival in Tashkent/ Uzbekistan.

Your driver and guide will meet you at the International Airport of Tashkent. Following your flight schedule you can go to have some rest at your hotel first and then start sightseeing in Tashkent. Your driver and guide will be available from 9am to 6pm daily to accompany you during all your visits daily.

Day 2. Road to Samarkand (290km)

Drive to Samarkand through the steppes of Hunger. Arrive in Samarkand by 14:00. You can dedicate the second part of your day to start visiting the Samarkand city with your driver and guide.

Day 3. Explore Samarkand

Full day to visit majestic Samarkand. Decide which attractions you want to explore and let your driver and guide sow you the best of this Silk Road city.

Day 4. The rest of Samarkand

The monuments of Samarkand are so big and so rich, one full day may not be enough to fully enjoy it. Today you can go to your unvisited attraction or trust your guide and driver to take you to some original-and-less-visited places of the city.

Day 5. From Samarkand to Saint Bukhara (277km)

Drive to Bukhara through Navoi region. Visit some examples of Silk Road architecture on the road.

Day 6. The heart of Bukhara

The center of Bukhara is quite large and you will take one full day to visit it. Your guide and driver will help you choose and visit the right monument at the right part of the day in order to enjoy the best light for taking the best photos.

Day 7. Palaces around Bukhara

During your second day in Bukhara you can go a bit far from the center of the city to visit the palaces and mausoleums outside Bukhara. If you take some free time in the afternoon you will love walking in the narrow streets, visiting craft shop or teahouses of Bukhara.

Day 8. Khiva through Kyzylkum Desert (450km)

Enjoy driving to Khiva through the desert just like the ancient caravans of the Silk Road.

Day 9. Intro to Ichan Kala citadel

The Ichan Kala citadel in Khiva is the first place in Central Asia which was listed as a UNESCO heritage site. The citadel is doubtlessly one of the top places to visit in Uzbekistan with over 200 monuments within the ancient city walls.

Day 10. From Khiva to antique Khorezm (75km)

Drive to Ellik Kala district to visit some of the citadels of ancient Khorezmian Empire. Some of these ruined citadels are well conserved tough they have been built over 2000 years ago. After visiting the ancient citadels you can return to Khiva or stay in nomadic tents at the Ayaz Kala Yurt camp near Ayaz Kala citadel or continue the drive to stay in Nukus.

Day 11. Long drive to reach the Aral Sea (410km)

Drive towards the Aral Sea (Muynaq) to see the graveyard of the boats of the Aral Sea. If your timing permits you can also visit the Mizdakan complex and Gaur Kala citadel in the road. In the evening your guide and driver will transfer you to the domestic airport of Nukus to take flight for Tashkent.

Day 12. Departure from Tashkent

We will have another driver in Tashkent to take you to the international airport of Tashkent in the morning.

Tour period: Whole year

Type of the tour: Private tour with flexible itinerary

Transport type: Sedan (1-3 passengers), Minivan (4-8 passengers)

Maximum number of travelers: 8


As experienced Drivers and Guides we speak English, German, French, Spanish, Russian languages and you can request the driver and guide speaking your language for long term tours. We enjoy providing you with Full Escort Service. We give local SIM Cards to all our customers to encourage them to contact us easily 24/7.

Uzbekistan driver and guide package is crafted for travelers who want to enjoy fully escorted trip but want to keep the total choice of flexible travel itinerary, accommodation and restaurants. If this is your style of travel, we offer flexile tour packages in Uzbekistan where you can choose and book your own hotels, you can suggest your own itinerary or we can help you create one to travel with an experienced private chauffeur and professional tour guide. There is no set trip itinerary and each tour is individually designed to cater for your specific interests. Make your itinerary or let us assist you in planning your travel program just by writing us about your travel style and interests. You decide where to go, and we will accompany you in the main tourist cities, off-road destinations, mountains and deserts of Uzbekistan. Make it a short trip to Samarkand and Bukhara or live a complete multi-day tour around Uzbekistan, we will be happy to guide you to the True Uzbekistan.

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Tour price


Professional Tour Guide

Private Car with driver during the whole trip

Parking / Gas / Fuel costs

Door to door transfers during the whole trip

Accommodation, meals of the driver and guide

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