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  Date: 10.01.2018

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Uzbekistan Safety Guide. Uzbekistan Tourism Safety, Uzbekistan tourism nightlife, Uzbekistan border crossings, Traveling Uzbekistan advice, Health & Food safety in Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan tourism places, the people and the roads. Travel guide to facts & tour packages to visit Uzbekistan.

Is Uzbekistan safe for traveling and is it a good place to visit? How about the nightlife, food & health safety, religion and local rules in Uzbekistan? Should you visit it or forget for all and what are the reasons to visit Uzbekistan? See all Uzbekistan safety facts, tips & FAQs for private tours, solo and individual travelers in this Uzbekistan Safety Travel Guide by CentAsia..

Is Uzbekistan a Safe Destination to Visit?

While there are so many opposite-ideas about travel safety in Uzbekistan, the people who have dreamt about visiting Samarkand & Bukhara are sometimes confused whether they have to arrive to travel in this country or not.

When someone asks “Why to visit Uzbekistan?” the answer can be quite long. The country deserves to be paid a visit for is fascinating Silk Road Heritage, unique UNESCO sites, a great balance between old and modern cities, simple & hospitable population, endless steppes and high mountains and more.

But in reality is this country safe and worth visiting?  

Uzbekistan tourism safety

Lots of people in the world believe that Uzbekistan is a religious country and it makes them think that it is unsafe to travel to this destination. But only a few people understand that apart from its name …stan it does not have a lot in common with Afghanistan etc. As the crossroads of the Great Silk Road it has been open for all cultures, languages and religions for over 2000 years. In the middle ages, a traveler who arrived in Samarkand could easily see a cemetery where a Muslim person was buried in the same cemetery next to a Christian. The local rulers have clearly understood that this Tolerance was the only way to encourage people to travel on Silk Road through Central Asia. Even this quite open version of the religion was prohibited by the Soviets and this means that the country does not have religious issues.

Secondly, a good number of police has always been a sign of safety and peaceful blue sky. Moreover from the year 2017 in Uzbekistan there is a special department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs which is called Travelers’ Police which is responsible for the safety of every visitor of the country.

Is Uzbekistan a good place to visit?

Over 2 million people answer “Yes” to this question yearly, for a few years. According to the statistics it’s become one of 10 most visited countries by French travelers. It is quite a good result for a destination which was being visited by only a few thousands of people in the early 2000s. It is definitely a good place to visit for lots of millions of people who admired the words like: Samarkand, Bukhara, Silk Road, Tea Road, Amu Darya, Aral Sea, Steppe of Hunger, Silk Road Architecture, Buzkashi …

Is Uzbekistan safe for tourists?

Why on earth you decide to go to Uzbekistan?!! When you tell to people around you that you are going to visit Uzbekistan in a few weeks, probably some of them are going to ask the same question. If you keep reading this article or see the rich general Uzbekistan Travel Info you will very possibly find the right answer!

Uzbekistan tourism nightlife

Tashkent is not New York and Samarkand is not Bangkok.

Uzbekistan is an ideal destination for people who intend to live a wonderful Cultural Type of tourism. Though, Tashkent & Samarkand have quite a good number of places for Nightlife-fun, if you are seeking a trip to have Short-day and Long-night activities Uzbekistan may not be the perfect place.

When it comes to nightlife safety, you don’t need to worry about anything. You are just recommended to follow general safety rules that follow anywhere in the world.

Note: when you arrive in Uzbekistan don’t miss doing a Samarkand-by-night. The dome of the mausoleum Gur-emir and the façade of the Registan place get majestic at night!

Uzbekistan border crossings

Uzbekistan has borders with five neighboring countries. The border areas in Uzbekistan are strictly controlled and the travelers are asked to abide by the local laws. The people who are planning to take a Multi-country trip in Central Asia need to study and make their itinerary very carefully because due to natural disasters etc the Border Crossing Points may change from time to time.

During main holidays of the country like Nawruz  (march 21) or the Independence Day (1st of September) lots of people (travelers, the Uzbeks living abroad) tend to come a lot in Uzbekistan which may make long waiting lines at border crossing points.

While crossing a border in Uzbekistan the travelers are highly recommended to follow the following tips:

Think again before packing your religious book;

Don’t forget to declare your foreign currency;

See our list of Prohibited Medicaments to bring in Uzbekistan;

If you are leaving Uzbekistan be ready to show your OVIR registration;

Religion & photography in Uzbekistan

Sunnite Islam, Russian Orthodox Christianity and Jewish religions can be counted as the major religions in the country. Theoretically, Islam is the dominant religion in the country though the majority of the Uzbeks do not strictly practice the religion. It can easily be explained with the anti-religious rules of the Soviet era. In the old cities of Uzbekistan you are going to see a huge number of mosques but only quite few of them are still in activity. The people who have visited Uzbekistan and who live in Uzbekistan can say that the social life of Uzbekistan is much more dependent on its old traditions than religion. The country is about extensive Family Life where big families live in big houses, long-lasting marriages where people invite sometimes thousands of visitors, incredible number of old-national games which are organized quite frequently etc.

When you walk in the streets of Bukhara or Samarkand you suddenly meet someone wearing a beautiful traditional cloth and you ask yourself Can I take his/her photo, maybe people don’t like it in this Muslim country? Well, if you call it a Muslim country then this is the Most Open Muslim Country that you have ever been to!  Though, it is recommended to ask permission for taking a photo of someone because for some people this can be quite private.

Note: when you’ll be visiting rural areas of Uzbekistan bear in mind that the people in these areas may live traditional type of life and wearing Too Open clothes is not recommended.

Food safety in Uzbekistan

The eating facilities in Uzbekistan are rater good and clean compared to lots of countries of the world. The country offers quite a good range of traditional and international type restaurants in nearly all major cities. You can choose from a French Bakery in Tashkent to an Italian restaurant in Bukhara or from Kebab centers of Samarkand to the traditional teahouses of Khiva.

A few tips about food safety in Uzbekistan:

Most of the restaurants of the main tourist cities are well prepared for serving travelers and they possess water purification systems which help to avoid any issue related to water. Travelers are only recommended to drink boiled or bottled mineral water which is definitely inexpensive.

From late May to October fruits and vegetables are abundant in Uzbek bazaars. Being too attracted by these products may increase your need in IMMODIUM!

If you are not in a goodclass restaurant or teahouse you should avoid taking drinks with ice.

The Uzbek Street Food can be found near all bazaars and some of them offer the Best Meals of local flavor. But as a foreigner you can’t know which of the 50 small teahouses offer the best food. You have to avoid this type of food is you are not accompanied by a local who knows the right place.

Note: drinking alcohol with Unfamiliar Locals is not a smart idea. People in Uzbekistan don’t drink too much alcohol but when they drink it may last long time!

Health safety in Uzbekistan

The travelers as well as the locals can use the free consultation services of over 3000 policlinics in Uzbekistan. Even if the medical service is FREE the people are accustomed to give a small service fee for a service or advice of a doctor. Be sure to have the right medical insurance which covers your trip in Uzbekistan.

The air in Uzbekistan is dry and travelers are recommended to bring all necessary health-care items to protect themselves from dry hot and cold weather. The summer months (July, August) can be quite hot in Uzbekistan and drinking more water is recommended for preventing dehydration of the body.

The country has quite advanced health-care system though the rate of hepatitis and tuberculosis has rose over the last years. There are no required vaccinations for traveling in Uzbekistan.

The pharmacies are all around in every city in Uzbekistan and some of them are open 24/7, but you are highly recommended to bring your proper medical kit.

Uzbekistan Tourism Packages





9 Day Trip to Silk & Spices Festival

$ 540


11 Day Uzbekistan Cultural Immersion Family Tour

$ 670


12 Days Highlights of Uzbekistan

$ 1050


11 Day Uzbekistan Desert Trip

$ 940


12 Day Zoroastrian Heritage & Ancient Cities Tour

$ 910


9 Day Small Group Tour to Highlights of Uzbekistan

$ 890

Cross country

15 Days to discover the Stans – Uzbekistan - Turkmenistan

On request


The people and the roads

There are minimum 2 things that nearly every traveler remembers from their Uzbekistan trip. These are the traditional architecture and incredibly polite, hospitable people. Probably millions of people have already said that in this country Hospitality is more than just a word. It can be explained with rich cultural heritage of the locals as well as not-exceeded number of travelers coming to visit the country.

In some parts of the country you do not see Road Indicating Signs. While you are in a road trip, if your GPS or Mobile phone runs out of battery, the hospitality and openness of the locals can be of great help.

Though the Government of Uzbekistan is doing huge projects for improving the roads of the country, still you can see the roads in poor condition compared to the standards of the United States or Europe. The people who love the maximum comfort can simply take flights or new High Speed Trains to go to some of the main destinations of Uzbekistan.

Note: nearly 35 percent of the population of Uzbekistan is less than 14 years old and you’re going to see lots of little kids in the cities. Don’t distribute anything to kids as this may teach them to new habits.

Finally, you never know how safe or dangerous a country is before visiting it. And Uzbekistan, happily, is not among the dangerous ones!

Traveling Uzbekistan advice

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Uzbekistan Safety Travel FAQs

Is Uzbekistan located in an active seismic zone?

In 1966 Tashkent has experienced a strong earthquake and Tashkent is not all Uzbekistan!

Should I abide by local laws in Uzbekistan?

Travelers should abide by the local laws in each country they visit.

Can I drive in Uzbekistan?

Yes, but having an International Driving License is recommended. From the year 2019 even the citizens of Uzbekistan are required to have a valid International Driver’s Permit.

Are Islamic rules very serious in urban or rural areas of Uzbekistan?

Uzbekistan is a former Soviet country and for nearly one century its population has lived with too restricted or no religion. As a matter of fact Uzbekistan is more traditionalist country than religious.

Should I visit Uzbekistan during Ramadan?

For most of Uzbekistan Ramadan doesn’t any impact in local business opening or closures. Only a few small teahouses may reduce the number of food on their menu but in general all services, museums and attractions will be open.

Do I need any specific vaccine for visiting Uzbekistan?

No specific vaccines are required for visiting Uzbekistan


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