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Looking for a Ride & a Guide in Uzbekistan? Hire a Car & Guide in Central Asia

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Uzbekistan Guide & Driver services, Uzbekistan driver car hire & private guided tours with multi-language speaking guides, drivers, and driving guides. Easy individual trips with a private English-speaking driver guide in Central Asia. Choose a Guide and Driver package to make your private Uzbekistan trip. Hire a driver in Uzbekistan for a long trip.

Our guide and driver in Uzbekistan packages are fully personalized. We assist you in the creation of your itinerary based on your interests, and we will accompany you as your guides/drivers during your stay in Uzbekistan. We have all worked for years as tour guides and tour drivers which permits us to propose to you the most appropriate activities to do in our country.


Private Trips in Uzbekistan with Professional Drivers & Guides

Customizable tours with expert guides & all-knowing drivers

You can choose a young professional or a top experienced veteran guide/driver to live your Once-in-a-lifetime-Uzbekistan-adventure. We take you to the most popular attractions of Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Fergana, and Tashkent … and we’re ready to drive to the specific destinations of Uzbekistan that you may want to go to. As locals, we provide you with the easiest facilities to find your local Guide - Driver in Uzbekistan and to rent a car with a driver in Uzbekistan.

Your Driving Guide in Uzbekistan will offer you a fully flexible private trip in Uzbekistan and unlimited kilometers. Make your own Uzbekistan Road Trip or let us assist you in the creation of your individual tour and go to explore the best of Uzbekistan with your local Guide Driver. Moreover, you can use our MAKE YOUR TRIP option to build your tour plan.

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Our Favorite Tour: Uzbekistan with Expert Guide & Driver

A trip of 9 days

Itinerary: Tashkent – Samarkand – Shakhrisabz – Bukhara – Khiva – Ayaz Kala

Price: from $ 315


#1 Uzbekistan Tour with a private driver, driver & vehicle only

A trip of 8 days, flexible

Itinerary: Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva

Price: from $ 190


Get in touch with us for customizing Driver & Guided Tours in Uzbekistan by email: info@tourscentralasia.com, by Whatsapp: +998 999 636 636, and start creating your extraordinary trip with a local expert. If you are looking for an Uzbek driver and Central Asia car rental, travel with a driver who knows perfectly the country and who speaks your language, we can provide you with the services of experienced Driver + Guides in Uzbekistan. Hire the services of our English/ French / Spanish / German / Russian-speaking guide-drivers in Uzbekistan.

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The Advantages of Traveling in Uzbekistan with a Guide + Driver:

  • When you book a Guide & Driver Package you will enjoy the free services of CentAsia experts. You can contact us anytime with any queries. We will assist you in creating your private travel itinerary, and book your entrance tickets, hotels, and restaurants Free of Charge.
  • Tell us about your interests and we will tailor you the exact travel program that you need or choose from lots of programs we have on our website.
  • Wide range of cars in Uzbekistan for any budget and group size with air-conditioning, CD /radio, and comfortable seats.
  • Book a guide with a driver and you will have your car with an all-knowing professional expert and you are as much flexibility as you want. Alter any part of your trip anytime you want.
  • Get 5* services at 3* prices. Discover Uzbekistan at your pace and let our drivers/guides follow you all the time.
  • We are locals! Travel with dedicated professionals who are the real ambassadors of their nation.

Multi-language speaking Driver & Guide Service Private tours in Uzbekistan:

Contact us, use our make an inquiry option, or make your trip option and request any of the driver/guide services as follows:

  • Private English Speaking Driver & Guide in Uzbekistan
  • Private French Speaking Driver & Guide in Uzbekistan
  • Private Spanish Speaking Driver & Guide in Uzbekistan
  • Private Russian Speaking Driver & Guide in Uzbekistan
  • Private German Speaking Driver & Guide in Uzbekistan
  • Private Italian Speaking Driver & Guide in Uzbekistan

Only the road-trippers know that on the roads of Uzbekistan, there are as many attractions to see as in cities like Samarkand or Bukhara. The only way to enjoy the best of these attractions is by driving through the country. These attractions vary from little traditionalist villages to natural wonders, from old Silk Road constructions to 4 thousand-year-old rock carvings, and from local festivities to national games.

A Carpet Ride vs Uzbekistan Chauffeur-Driven Private Tour

Today, taking a "Carpet ride to Khiva or to Samarkand" is no more available but you can still hire some local drivers who will take you to any destination in Uzbekistan with full comfort, safety, and some Silk Road adventures. Our drivers will always offer you extra free tours during long-drive days to be sure that you will be able to see all the interesting attractions of Uzbekistan and enjoy your private Uzbekistan car hire with a driver.


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