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Last Minute Things to Do Before You Travel to Uzbekistan | CentAsia

  Date: 05.12.2017

  Category: Useful info

Top things to know and to do before planning a trip to Uzbekistan and to any other part of the world. Know about Uzbekistan tourism safety, best time to visit Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan visa requirements, hiring a car, Uzbekistan travel itinerary, things you are allowed and not allowed to bring in Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan travel advisory and more.

1. The most important thing to do before booking any trip should be being sure that you will be safe in that destination. Check out for travel advises and warnings. Every government has its own travel policies designed for citizens’ safety and due to that you have to know about threats or other conditions that could cause risks to your life. In specific areas even some travel insurances do not take responsibility of covering your costs if you travel to countries which are advised against traveling.

Though Uzbekistan is definitely a safe country you can note some emergency numbers in Uzbekistan

Helpful websites in Uzbekistan

2. The second important thing is to knowing the requirements (entry, exit, travel) in the country that you will be traveling. Make sure that you have a valid passport. For Uzbekistan your passport must be valid for not less than 3 months by the date of your entry to the country.

3. Always make sure that your passport is well stamped according to the dates you enter in the country and you leave. And make sure that you lease the country before your visa expires.

4. Be sure that you need a visa for Uzbekistan and you have it.

5. In Uzbekistan each time you visit the major monuments you will need to pay for entry tickets and for having the right to take photos.

6. Find out if there is an embassy of your country in Uzbekistan and if not know where the nearest one is. This information is doubtlessly essential. See the Consulates and Embassies of foreign countries in Uzbekistan and the Embassies and Consulates of Uzbekistan abroad.

7. For your transfers you can hire a car but if you’ll be driving, you’ll need a valid driver’s license. Note: there are only few road indications and finding petrol in Uzbekistan may be complicated as most of the cars run with gas!

8. Reconfirm your flights before arriving in Uzbekistan. Your return flight from Uzbekistan does not need to be confirmed. When they are bought they are considered as confirmed.

9. Prepare all your documents, your travel program, print and scan them. Place them all in internet or just e-mail them. Do the same with your prescriptions. This will be very helpful in case if you lose any of your necessary papers.

10. Study your travel itinerary well. Search for activities which interest you more, find free attractions. When you have all prepared take several copies of the steps of your travel, with some contacts of hotels where you will be, distribute them to your family members and your friends. How about organizing a small party before leaving?

See the National Holidays & Special Days of Uzbekistan. During some special days some attractions can be closed and knowing about these days will help you plan your trip more carefully.

11. Prepare your medicaments depending on your health condition. Keep the prescriptions of your doctor (if available). Don’t take too much of them as there will be pharmacies everywhere in Uzbekistan. Pharmacy in Uzbek language is called “Dorixona” or “Apteka” in Russian. (see the list of restricted medicaments to Uzbekistan).

12. Check the weather. Never prepare your luggage just because you think that it will be hot or cold. Check the weather carefully and then do your decision. The climate of Uzbekistan is totally unpredictable and the temperature may changy drastically during a few hours.

13. Use the weather information when you pack your luggage. Never take the things that you don’t really use during your trip. Taking unnecessary things serve only for complicating your travel.

14. Learn a bit the language spoken by the local people, it will save you much.Have a look at our Phrasebook of Uzbek Language for Traveling in Uzbekistan

15. Learn local customs, laws. The way how you behave and you wear may be structured by law. Respect them.

16. Don’t think that you will always be walking on the sand or climbing in the mountains, no matter wherever you are you may be invited by someone or you may invite yourself to a tiny dinner and having something to wear in such cases is not a bad idea.

In the end, take a deep breath, you are going to live one of the most colorful travels of your life!

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