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Horse riding in Uzbekistan| Ride Buzkashi Horses in samarkand| Adventure Tours in Uzbekistan

Private horse back riding tour package in Uzbekistan. Enjoy riding Buzkasi horses in the mountains of Samarkand during this adventure and unusual Uzbekistan tour.

Though Horse Riding Tours is Uzbekistan is not a popular trip the country offers interesting options for horseback riding in its mountainous regions. Beautiful landscapes in the mountains, meeting with local population living in remote villages and riding the vigorous Buzkashi horses can be quite wonderful experience.

Horses in Central Asia are considered as sacred animals and they are principally kept as symbols of personal wealth. Most of the selected horses of the region are trained for participating in the Buzkashi Games which are organized every year from late Autumn to early Spring. These horses are incredibly powerful, brave and elegant which follow every desire of the cavalier. 

CentAsia Voyages can organize your Horse Riding as well as Camel RidingTours in Uzbekistan designed only for you, for your group. These types of trips can be created any time of the year for any budget.

uzbekistan orse back riding

The most appropriate places for organizing a Horse Riding Trip in Uzbekistan are the mountains of Tashkent and Samarkand. Especially, some typical mountainous villages of Samarkand are famous for their horses and they reward every traveler with interesting landscapes, easy & friendly contact with hospitable locals. Travelers will choose the right Horse Riding Itineraries in Uzbekistan following their experience, interest and skills. We offer different itineraries for Beginner, Experienced and Advanced riders.

Highlights of Horse Riding Tours in Uzbekistan

  • Discovering the Buzkashi horses; the horses which are specialized in participating in Buzkashi Games;
  • Experiencing the unique Buzkashi Game (following the season);
  • Enjoying amazing landscapes of the Tashkent & Samarkand mountains;
  • Enjoying the International Silk Road architecture in Uzbekistan;
  • Guided visits with professional tour guides in the most visited cities of Central Asia – Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva;


  • Private driver and car for all your needs during the trip, private transport only for yourself;
  • Pick-up time of your choosing;
  • Flexible Itinerary following your timing and interests (all our Special Interest Tours are tailored individually for each person, following their interests and timing);
  • Customizable starting & ending times, start and end all visits and activities in the way you want;
  • Several Free options to visit for your choice;


horse riding in uzbekistan



  • Shared accommodation in International and Boutique hotels of your choice; individual rooms available;
  • Guided visits in each city;
  • All transfers in Uzbekistan in comfortable private vehicles with AC;
  • 1 Buzkashi horse per person (the Buzkashi horses are well trained for participating in competitions and during warmer months they are isolated from outer world. Due to that they can’t be used between June and early September);
  • 1L bottled mineral water per person per day;

Prices and Planning

  • From $ 132 Per Person per day
  • Group, small group and individual reservations are tailored following your interest. Tell us the period of the year and the duration of your visit in Uzbekistan. According to that we will prepare an individual tour program for you. The trip will be planned only for you at the best time and in the best style you want.

tour starting point Horse Riding Tour Pick-Up Point


The starting point of the Uzbekistan Luxury Tours is Tashkent, though it can start in other cities of the country according to your flight.

  • Meet your driver/guide at the main exit of the airport you arrive at.



Samarkand– Ayaktchi (horse riding) – Tersak (horse riding) – Nurata (horse riding) – Bukhara – Khiva –Tashkent

The itineraries of Uzbekistan Horse Riding Tours are customizable for each tour request. On average the Horse Riding Tours in Uzbekistan are 10-12 days long and they include visiting most of the adventurous cultural and things to do in Uzbekistan. The travel itinerary will be crafted following your request.  

Contact us for creating your Horse Riding Trip in Uzbekistan. Email: infocentasia@gmail.com

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