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Termez| Surkhandarya | Southern UzbekistanTravel Guide

Top sights, monuments & attractions in Termez. Online guide to travel to Surkhandarya - sout of Uzbekistan.

Termez is the administrative center of Surkhandarya region which is in the southern part of Uzbekistan. Termez is quite popular destination in Uzbekistan for people who want to take a Buddhist heritage tour or Archaeological tour in Uzbekistan and the road from Samarkand to Termez offers some of the most wonderful landscapes of the mountains.

Monuments & Attractions of Termiz:

At-Termizi Complex

Kirkkiz Citadel

Sultoan Saodat Ensemble

Minaret Jarkurgan

Prophet Island

Buddhism spread through Termez to China and to Far East. A favorable strategic and geographic location of Termez attracted attention of lords of many states. Many times it was exposed to occupation by various conquerors.

The contrast of culture, religion and architecture in Termez is just amazing. Its numerous Buddhist monuments have been destroyed by the Arabic conquerors in the beginning of the 8t century. Genghis Kahn on his turn came to destroy the city in the beginning of 1220s. Like all Central Asian cities Termez also remained as a ruined city until 14th century when local ruler Tamerlane came to chase the Mongolian leaders and to rebuild a new Termez.

Termez became even finer during years of independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan, streets were expanded, and roads were repaired. In the city were erected buildings in the eastern style, were improved and beautified a market and a park, administrative buildings and gyms, also places for cultural rest and educational centers.


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