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Shakhrisabz | Kashkadarya Region Travel Guide

Shakhrisabz top sights, attractions, monuments & things to do. Online travel guide to discover the best of Kashkadarya in Uzbekistan.

Shakhrisabz - hometown of Temur (Tamerlane) where everything mentions the name of this lord of Central Asia. Here the lord was born and grew up, here his father Amir Taragai and spiritual advisor Shamseddin Kulyol as well as his eldest sons Jakhongir and Omar Sheikh were buried. Tamerlane himself wanted to be buried in the same city but the destiny wanted him to be buried in anoter place…

As th leader of Transoxian region he was supposed to choose one of the biggest cities of Central Asia as his capital and he has chosen Samarkand which was closest to Shakrisabz, his hometown.

Monuments of Shakhrisabz:


Crypt of Tamerlane

Mosque Kok Gumbaz

Tamerlane’s cavern

Langar – Abode of God

Ak-Saray Palace is the main governmental building - residence. Construction of the palace started in 1380, but even in 1404 were not completed yet. The lancet arch of this magnificent building had a span of more than 22 meters - the biggest among all Timur`s construction. The entire covering of magnificent glazed tiles dressed its surface, the blue of mosaics and majolica reigned everywhere, where in infinite variety conventionalized ornaments and intricate ligature of inscriptions displayed itself.

In epoch of Temur and Timurids the ensemble construction of the cities was widely spread. Shakhrisabz can be considered as an example of such a construction. The city boasts the ensembles like Dorus-Tilyavat and Dorus-Saodat.

The earliest construction is the Shamseddin Kulyol mausoleum. Sheikh died in 1370 and his grave was hightly thought of. Next to it, there was built a mausoleum of Ulugbek`s descendants called Gumbazi Seidon-Dome of Seids. This small building captivates by elegance of proportions and perfectly made entrace door covered with deep carving.

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