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Samarkand City Travel Guide | Uzbekistan Private Guide

Top sights, attractions, monuments & museums of Samarkand. Your online private guide to explore the best of Uzbekistan.


Samarkand is one of the ancient cities in the world, contemporary of Rome, Athens, Babylon - stepped over its 2500 years anniversary. "The Radiate Point of Globe", "The Jewel of Islam", "The Mirror of the World" was named it in the East from the earliest times.

The boundless gardens are seen already at the entry to the city. The history of their creation became a thing of the past. Amir Timur in XIV century ordered to create a green belt around the capital of his empire.

Monuments of Samarkand:

Afrosiab Citadel

Afrosiab Museum

Bibi Khanum Mosque

Guri Emir

Shakhi Zinda Necropolis

Observatory of Ulugh Beg

Rukhabad Mausoleum

Theatre of National Costumes El Merosi

Chor Chinor Urgut

Complex Al Bukhari

Prophet Daniel Mausoleum

Khazret Kizr Mosque

Plateau of Demons

Samarkand Carpet Factory

Konighil Samarkand Silk Paper


Start your tour visiting Gur Emir building - a mausoleum of Amir Temur. From a distance Gur Emir looks like a blue tulip, folded tightly its turquoise petals. The remains of great sovereign, his two sons and two grandsons, one of them is a prominent scientist and thinker of the East - Mirzo Ulugbek are rested on here.

Next in turn is the legendary Registan square which by right is the main architectural sight in whole Central Asia. Since ancient time this square was trade and public center of Samarkand. The proud mass of three madrassahs of Ulug Bek, Shir Dor, Tillya Kari dominate here. Ulugbek as his grandfather paid a great attention to monumental building and during his rule the ensemble of magnificent buildings was completed.

While admiring the elegance of precious mosaics of Ulugbek madrassah, the ribbed turquoise cupolas and majestic minarets of Shir Dor, the golden paintings of pattern walls of Tillya Kari, do not keep your emotions in - the echo responds to your exalted exclamations as a voice from old time: "I am Registan, the heart of Samarkand..."

The outstanding monument of ancient architecture is a lofty congregational Bibi Khanum Mosque. By the way, at parking place near the mosque you can see a donkey with cart next to a fashionable car, on which farmers from nearby villages bring sweet melons and watermelons for magnificent Samarkand Bazaar.

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