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Postal Service - Uzbekistan Post | Uzbekistan Travel Guide

Post of Uzbekistan – O’zbekiston Pochtasi is the official postal service provider in Uzbekistan. It offers from normal to fast delivering services as well as domestic and international postal services.
Note: As the new online technologies are replacing the traditional postal services the Post of Uzbekistan may not be able to deliver the parcels on time. Due to that when sending something to Uzbekistan it is necessary to write the phone number of the receiver.

Uzbekistan Post Mail

The services of Post of Uzbekistan is reliable, inexpensive but slow. Sending small parcel from Uzbekistan to Asian and European countries take 7-15 days and 7-30 days for the other countries of the world. 

The last few years the Post of Uzbekistan is trying to do some renovations for offering the services of a Rapid Modern Post. And the opening of DHL, EMS etc. in different regions of the country is likely to make the national post improve their services.


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