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Nukus| Karakalpakstan - Uzbekistan Travel Guide

Top sights, attractions & things to do in Nukus, Moynaq, Karkalpakstan. Online travel guide to discover the best of Uzbekistan.

Nukus is the administrative center of the autonomous republic of Karakalpakstan. Karakalpakstan is one of the most ancient regions of Central Asia. Its cities like Nukus, Ellikkala, Khijeili and Muynaq receive thousands of travelers yearly.

Karakalpakstan is the largest region of Uzbekistan and occupies nearly 40% of the territories of the country. The population of Karakalpakstan is mainly composed of Karakalpaks, Kazakhs and Uzbeks. Most of the territory of Karakalpakstan is occupied by the Ustyurt steppes which make the region a difficult place to live.

What are the places of interest of Karakalpakstan?

In Ellikkala and Khojeili districts there is a big number of ancient citadels of ancient Khorezm. These ancient citadels are definitely important places to visit for the enthusiasts of history and old civilizations. Some of them are reputed for being some of the rare Zoroastrian heritage sites of Central Asia.

Nukus is an important city especially with its renowned museum “Savitsky” which is proud to have the world’s second collection of Russian avant-garde works. Besides, Nukus together with Muynaq is an important step for travelers who want to go to discover the Aral Sea region. Travelers can take a three hours drive from Nukus to Muynaq for visiting the Graveyard of Boats of the Aral Sea, the Aral Sea museum in Muynaq as well s Mizdakhan and Gaur Kala citadels.

Attractions & monuments of Nukus/ Karakalpakstan

Chilpik Kala

Ayaz Kala

Toprak Kala

Mizdakhan Kala

Sudoche Lake

Cemetery of Boats

Karakalpak Art Museum Savitsky

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