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Navoi Region | Nurota | Karmana | Raboti Malik

Navoi region top attractions, monnuments & things to do.

Being situated between Samarkand and Bukhara the Navoi region has been a witness to all history of Uzbekistan and Central Asia. This deserted region is rich in natural minerals like gold and gas though its historical heritage is also quite interesting.

The city of Navoi is quite young and modern and the main tourist attractions of the region are situated in Karmana, Raboti Malik and the city of Nurata.

Among all destinations of Navoi region the city of Nurata is the most visited one among travelers. The beautiful landscape and old monuments of Nurota are worth paying a visit. Nurata has been an important point for the caravans of the Silk Road which led to construction of a few interesting monuments. Now, Nurata has become an important step for travelers heading up to the live wonderful experiences in Yurt Camps of the Kyzylkum desert.

The monuments and attractions of Navoi:

Caravanserai and Sardoba Raboti Malik

Nur Citadel

Chashma Complex

Djarkuduk Stone Forest

Yurt Camping


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