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Uzbekistan drivers, guides, private tour packages. Hire local drivers & guides in Uzbekistan for your private guided road trips. Private Guided Tours of Uzbekistan by private car directly with CentAsia.

Uzbekistan Guides, Drivers, Driving Guides for your Private Road Trips

If you’d like to make a private Uzbekistan vacation, if you want to find experienced tour guides or drivers we offer you fully personalized & flexible services. Find Uzbekistan car rental services, multi-language speaking guides for your great road trip & enjoyable Uzbekistan vacation from direct chauffeur driven car rental & private guided tours agency in Uzbekistan. Plan your road trip, rent a car in Tashkent or in any other part of the country for your Uzbekistan travel.

We offer easy way to hire a personal driver in Uzbekistan. Plan your Uzbekistan holidays or contact our experts for finding the ideal road trip ideas. Choose your itinerary and we have guides, drivers & cars anywhere in Uzbekistan. See the true Uzbekistan by taking a private road trip and  let us follow your travel interests in order to plan the right itineraries for you.


Driver guides / chauffeur driven car rental / the road trips / 100 % private tours in Uzbekistan


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What do we offer?

  • Private Guides in Uzbekistan.
  • Private Drivers in Uzbekistan.
  • Driver & Guides for short & multi-day tours.
  • Multilanguage Speaking drivers for individual road trips across Uzbekistan.
  • Private Guided Tours of Uzbekistan with flexible itineraries.
  • Private Car Hire With Driver Uzbekistan - hire you car with driver and go to explore Uzbekistan with absolutely no limited kilometers.
  • Guides With Own Car - Driving Guides in one person - hire a tour guide who will also be your driver during your trip.
  • Drivers & Guides in Over 20 Cities Across Uzbekistan - decide where you want to go and we will handle your transfers as well as guided tours.

Let us follow you – you are the owner of your trip and we just follow your interests. Pay your attention to your vacation & your driver/guide will take care of everything you need to live a wonderful Uzbekistan tour.

No money transfer hassles – we don’t urge you to pay when you confirm your tour. Pay directly to your driver when you arrive and start your vacation. .

Price Match – find a better rate on web and we will beat it. We are locals and we believe that what we are offering is cost effective.

Easy booking & no cancellation fee – we respect your plans and if they change you don’t need to pay us for a canceled “Driver or Guide” service.


Uzbekistan Private Tour Ideas               Uzbekistan Private Car Hire

What kind of tours can our guides & drivers offer?

Our drivers & guides have worked several years in Uzbekistan tourism and they all have traveled across Uzbekistan for quite a lot of times. Though they are able to take any kind of trip and offer you their most devoted services, we encourage our Guides & Drivers to specialize into several categories following their interests and knowledge. It ensures us to provide the desired services to our customers. We have the drivers & guides who experts in wide variety of tours like: Adventure tours, desert or mountains tours, bird watching or culinary tours, hiking & trekking or city tours, camel riding or horseback riding tours etc.

How does the choice of driver or guide work?

You choose the trip and itinerary that you like and we will get you the right transport, guide and driver following the places you want to go and the activities you want to experience. We understand clearly the fact that Uzbekistan is a big & large country knowing all the country is just not possible. While most of the guides & drivers in Uzbekistan are experts in Classical tours around Khiva, Samarkand, Bukhara & Tashkent we have a few others who can go beyond main travel routes in Uzbekistan. There are master experts who are top competent professionals to offer Special Interest Tours like: going to the heart of the Aral Sea, exploring all Fergana Valley, traveling to the antique citadels of Zoroastrian Uzbekistan, going to the Central Asia Buddhist heritage center – Termez, going to original mountainous destinations – Sentab, Ukhum, Ayaktchi, Tersak & more.

tours guides in Uzbekistan

Should I hire a tour guide to visit Uzbekistan?

Every traveler is unique and the way how we travel is never the same. If you are an advanced independent traveler probably you can take the “Uzbekistan with a private driver” option. It helps you have a driver who will take you wherever you want following your itinerary. But if you have passion to learn more about the destinations you are visiting and if you want to have local expert who is available to answer to all your questions related to the history, culture, traditions, lifestyle… of his country then you should take a tour guide. It still lets you be as flexible as you want. You decide the beginning and ending hours of your Uzbekistan vacation though your guide can always recommend you the best time, places and activities following your needs. 

In Uzbekistan you can use the services of two different types of guides – City Guides & Country Guides. The Uzbekistan city guides do not accompany you during your multi-day-Uzbekistan-trip and they help you discover one particular city. The guides will be with you only during several hours of a day following your tour program. Your guide can give you some recommendations about the places to eat and drink etc. This option maybe interesting for travelers who are doing a very classical Uzbekistan trip around the main tourist cities only. The Uzbekistan Country Guides accompany you across all Uzbekistan and in all regions of the country they will be available for answering to all your questions. Their experience and knowledge reaches all subjects: from culture to cuisine, from geography to history and from religions to arts. This option is the best especially if you are going to remote places far from the main tourist routes where people may not speak foreign languages.


Use our Road Trip Planner for creating your personal best road trips in Uzbekistan. Fill in the forms and get your fully personalized holidays in Uzbekistan.

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Decide and book your trip, transfer or guided private road trip using our website. Contact us if you have any queries, get free advice of your local experts for planning your private Uzbekistan tour. Uzbekistan is known as the crossroads of the Great Silk Road and let us show you the meaning of real personalized services on the Silk Road !


Drivers, guides, private tours in Uzbekistan / Private  Uzbekistan Tours

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