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Transport Hire & Rental Services in Uzbekistan

Car Hire & Rental in Uzbekistan | Direct Transport Services

Rental cars Uzbekistan. Car rental with driver, private vehicle hire in Uzbekistan. Pick up, transfers, cheap chauffeur car hire services in Uzbekistan. Private, family & budget car hire across Uzbekistan.

Hire a professional chauffeur for your multi day road trip, day trip, shuttle or transfers in Uzbekistan. Our experienced drivers are available to serve you in all destinations of the country. Enjoy direct rates and the dedicated services of our highest recommended chauffeurs.

Cheap car hire | Car rental with chauffeur | Direct transfer services in Uzbekistan

Chauffeur Driven Car Rental &Taxi Services in Uzbekistan

Our cut-price Car Hire with Driver Service in Uzbekistan is the simplest way of finding your chauffeur and driving guide. We offer you traveling in Uzbekistan with No Distance Limit, without being obliged to follow any specific itinerary. We are ready to discuss the itinerary with you and we will follow all your interests during your stay in Uzbekistan.

Be as flexible as you want during your trip. You can always modify any part of your trip with us and with our drivers for living the best Uzbekistan Tour. We are all locals and have been doing this job for over 10+ years. It helps our drivers know perfectly the country and provide our clients with the most agreeable service. When you book a car with driver you will enjoy full free services of CentAsia experts who will assist you in preparation of your trip and will follow you during your Uzbekistan vacation. 

We offer you full transport and travel services in Uzbekistan. You can choose any services from hotel and airport transfers to short and long car hire, from off road to leisure cars and from sedan to minivans. Uzbekistan Car rental with driver packages are available no matter how many travelers you are traveling with. We offer wide range of transport - from 3 seater sedans to 45 seater buses.

Among our drivers we have veteran chauffeurs who have been to every corner of the country during the past 20+ years. We have drivers who speak some basic English. You can request to have one of our French, Spanish, German, Russian speaking drivers. If you want to be accompanied by tour guides we can provide you with qualified Guide + Drivers.

We are always online to answer to your questions and to receive your requests. We do our best for creating easiest payment options for your trip.

Direct car Rental with Driver Services / Chauffeur Car Hire in Uzbekistan

Rent a private car with professional drivers in Uzbekistan. Enjoy direct rates and no limited kilometers.

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