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Car hire & Transfers in Bukhara from 15 $ | Uzbekistan Car Rental


 Bukhara Car hire, Drivers, Car rentals & Tours. Bukhara city Airport / Train station transfers, day & multi-day taxi. Cabs, local taxi services & private driver car hire. Private taxi services in Uzbekistan with English speaking drivers.

Exceptional deals for your Uzbekistan Car Hire & Private Taxi services. Enjoy your Uzbekistan tour with Unlimited mileage, online booking 24/7 car hire, individual or shared car rental, van or bus hire in Bukhara, Uzbekistan, Central Asia.

Focus on your Bukhara holiday and leave your transfers to us. Drive through old Bukhara, enter the narrow streets of this old Silk Road city and enjoy your not-forgettable Bukhara & Uzbekistan Driver Car Hire Package.



Bukhara Car Rentals & Local Taxi Packages

CentAsia Voyages offers a good variety of cars with easy, hassle free booking facilities. Regardless you are just arriving in Bukhara by plane or by car from another city our drivers will go to meet you at the International Airport of Bukhara, at the train stations of the city or at your hotel.

You will especially need to hire a car in Bukhara for visiting its real unique monuments which are situated outside the city. Hire a car for a Day trip or two to visit all the best of the city: the Naqshbandi mausoleum, Chorbakr necropolis, Sitorai Mokhi Kosa, the Place of the emirs in Kogon, mosque Fayzobod, Mosque Namozgokh, mosque Baland and more with your local driver.

Bukhara City Taxi Services | What we offer?

You can hire the right type of car following your interests, number of people traveling with you and according to your budget. With CentAsia you are never obliged to follow a specific travel route. You can always get advantage of our Unlimited-kilometers-policy and be as flexible as you want and alter any part of your trip together with your driver or by contacting us.

Which Car Rental is the best for a Bukhara trip?

We recommend our customers to choose the transport following the type of trip and number of people traveling in the group. You can also see our fleet to choose one of the options.

  • Standard type sedans are good for the Bukhara city car hire package
  • The Premium car rental is an option for visiting the city in a more comfortable car
  • Crossovers and Minivans suit to people who intend to go to a trip to the mountains and for a family travel
  • Minibuses and buses are ideal for bigger groups

Speed Limits in Bukhara and Alcohol Limit

  • The maximum quantity of alcohol in blood is 0,0 g/l. In Uzbekistan it is strictly prohibited to drive having drunk alcohol
  • The maximum speed in all Uzbekistan is 100 km/h on main highways
  • The speed in all Uzbek cities, urban areas is 70 km/h
  • Near schools, hospitals etc the speed is often limited to 30 km/h or 50km/h

Rush hours in Bukhara / Is it easy to park in Uzbekistan?

Happily there are not yet serious Traffic jams in Uzbekistan and even during the busiest hours you do not lose much time on the roads. The rush hours in Bukhara are around 9am and 6pm. Parking is also not a huge problem except near main bazaars on Sundays.

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