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Essentials to Have & to Know for Your Car Hire in Uzbekistan | CentAsia

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Find out important facts to know about the conditions of the roads in Uzbekistan, fuel, GPS and maps issues, Uzbekistan driver car hire, finding the roads in Uzbekistan, choosing the right car hire & rental agency in Uzbekistan.

Whom do you call in emergency cases in Uzbekistan?

Be sure you have the car rental company's phone number – most of the companies have a 24/7 service number.

Do you speak Uzbek or Russian?

Our multi-lingual call center is ready to assist you whatever your question is and wherever you are in the world.

No or Few Road indications

Do you have a GPS? Consider bringing it with you. If you have a navigating application on your smartphone, such as Waze or Google Navigator you can use that program as long as you have a data plan with sufficient coverage. If do not have a data plan at your destination, it is recommended to find out the costs in advance. You should be able to calculate whether it'll be cheaper to get a data plan at your intended destination or to rent a GPS from the car rental company.

road trip samarkand

Drive without fuel !

In Uzbekistan nearly 90 percent of the cars run with Methane and Propane Gas instead of petrol. 

Enough gas

In some parts of Uzbekistan you need to drive up to 500 kilometer for going from one city to another. In certain deserted or mountainous regions you may not find Gas Stations for over a hundred kilometers. If your runs with Methane Gas, it can‘t go more than 300 kilometers. Due to that having an eye on the gas indicator and encouraging your driver to charge gas as much as he can is recommended.

No destination names

The streets and villages are being renamed for the last few months and most of them are not listed on navigation systems / maps and  Hiring a Local Uzbek Driver is one of the easiest ways to travel in Uzbekistan.

Charged phone

Having your phone fully charged during the trip gives you some communication facilities. You will be grateful for this when you encounter with a sudden road closure or something similar.

Map of the area

Having a GPS navigation and a mobile phone are MUST but anyway these items can always get broken or run out of battery. In that case having a map of Uzbekistan is a smart idea.

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