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Come and travel, pay if you like! Challenge Tour of Uzbekistan

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Come and travel, pay in the end, if you like it!

You’ve heard about Samarkand, Bukhara, Silk Road & Stan trips, vast steppes and ancient citadels of Uzbekistan in Central Asia but still wondering if it’s safe, interesting or worth traveling? Well, we can offer a very simple solution for it: Come and travel, you will pay when you finish your trip only if you’ll be fully satisfied!

How to do it? Just follow one of these options:

  1. Visit our website and let us customize any tour in it for you
  2. Use our simple Online Trip Planner and make your personal tour
  3. Contact us and tell us what kind of trip you want to take

You are a travel agent? Great, you can also discover Uzbekistan by requesting a Private FAM trip and apply the same system to your clients. They’ll only pay for what they like.

Why are we promoting this type of tours?

The answer can be quite long but we make it super simple:

  • Our all-knowing guides make any trip unforgettable
  • Our professional drivers will captivate any heart with the stock of free wine, coffee and more prepared just for you
  • The wonderful cities with unique architecture and untouched traditions that we are proud of!

Come and travel, pay in the end, if you like it!

If you want to know more contact us!


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