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5 Uzbekistan Tours with Local Guides and Drivers | CentAsia

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Tours with locals in Uzbekistan. 5 best private tours of Uzbekistan by private drivers and local tour guides. Choose the most appropriate personal tour of Uzbekistan from our list and enjoy 1001% flexible and private trip in Uzbekistan.

5 of the Most & Most Private Tours of Uzbekistan by Locals

Being local travel experts in Uzbekistan permit us to propose the most appropriate tours to our customers at truly reasonable prices. Regardless the style of your trip the best way to make it fully personal is traveling with a local tour guide/ driver. From Samarkand to the Aral Sea and from Bukhara to Fergana valley we can proudly be your personal drivers and guides in all Uzbekistan.

Explore the cities, desert & mountains, lifestyle & traditions of the locals with an expert tour guide who will be dedicated to take you as deep as you want into the life of the people of Uzbekistan. Let you guide make the Silk Road revive and enjoy traveling to the time of great caravans, princes & princesses, destructive battles and amazing constructions with their well documented and entertaining stories. On the other hand, your private car with a local driver will be available to cross the deserts & steppes to bring you to any monument or attraction that you want to have a look. The tours we have listed here are designed for people who want to go wherever and whenever they want being the Creator of their tour. Experience how great trips you can live when your guides & drivers follow your interests!


Note: all tours listed below are offered by local guides and drivers who have been working in the world of travels for 10+ years. If you want to hire the local professionals for your Private Uzbekistan Tour you are at the right place. If you’re not convinced you can also take our Travel Now, Pay if you like CHALLENGE!


Here’s the list of Most Personal Trips of Uzbekistan with local guides & drivers:


  1. Private driver & guide Uzbekistan flexible tour package

Uzbekistan tour by local drivers & tour guides

Thinking about to plan Uzbekistan tours with local private guides and local drivers? Among all tours offered by locals in Uzbekistan this tour is recommended to travelers who want to live the most flexible tour possible in Uzbekistan. Make up your own travel itinerary (we can also help!) or just start exploring Uzbekistan without any planned itinerary. Go to the citadels of Khiva, to have an overnight in the nomadic yurts of the desert or visit the marvelous madrasahs of Bukhara … and enjoy private guided visits wherever you want. The package includes a comfortable car with a professional local driver and the services of licensed tour guides in each city of the country.


uzbekistan local guided tour

Duration: flexible

Best time to visit: all year round

Type of the trip: adventure

Price: 60 USD per day

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  1. Uzbekistan with private driver & guides, 10 days

Uzbekistan tour with private tour guide and drivers

The private trip of Uzbekistan for traveling with a professional tour driver and local tour guides. The highlight of this package is traveling with a private driver during the whole trip and taking rich guided tours in each city. Slightly different from the first tour, this package follows a specific travel route (which can be modified for you). The itinerary of this tour includes going to the cities like – Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva & Ellikkala. This itinerary can easily be enriched with some Side Trips according to your wishes. Like all our tours, this package also offers you unlimited kilometers to try all best attractions you like in Uzbekistan. This 10 Day Private Tour Package of Uzbekistan can be tailored individually to make it most personalized tour and post/pre extensions are available.

guided private tour

Duration: 10 Days

Best time to visit: late March to early November

Type of the trip: cultural - adventure

Price: 590 USD

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  1. From Tashkent to the Aral Sea with private driver & guide

Uzbekistan tour with Escort guide & drivers

Large avenues of Tashkent, breathtaking architecture of Samarkand, uncountable caravanserais of Bukhara, biggest lakes and yurt camps of the Kizilkum Desert, the citadels of Khiva & the Aral Sea, – all of these are packed in one trip. This is a best-destinations-included adventure tour of Uzbekistan which offers very varied and colorful things to do around Uzbekistan. Enjoy the no-chance to get bored during your trip. The things you see and do will change nearly every day and you will be moving from modern cities to the ruined antique citadels, from the beautiful mountain landscapes to vast steppes and deserts... Take the best private version of this tour by traveling with a local driver and tour guides. Get your guide & driver and open the doors to all destination included tour of Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan local tour guide driver

Duration: 12 Days

Best time to visit: all year round

Type of the trip: cultural - adventure

Price: 640 USD

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  1. A La Carte Uzbekistan tour with personal driver

Uzbekistan package with private driver

A personal, a-la-carte tour of Uzbekistan with an experienced English speaking driver. We recommend this tour for adventurers who love traveling independently but with a little comfort. Have your comfortable car with a private local driver for all transfers and visits and hire local tour guides only when you want. The highlights of the package are – professional Multilanguage speaking driver, totally customized tour with no set itinerary. Let your expert driver prove that an experienced driver can also be as knowledgeable as professional tour guides. Some of our drivers who offer A La Carte Uzbekistan Tours are former tour guides and they are available to share all their knowledge about the life, history & culture of their country.

a la carte tours

Duration: flexible

Best time to visit: all year round

Type of the trip: cultural - adventure

Price: 45 USD

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  1. Samarkand, Bukhara & Khiva with Private Chauffeur

Uzbekistan tour package with a private chauffeur

Planning to take a short trip in Uzbekistan and want to visit only the most important places of interest with a private chauffeur? If yes, this trip is what you are searching for. Hire your local chauffeur and go to see Khiva, Bukhara, Samarkand & Tashkent with your experienced driver and visit these cities absolutely on your own pace. Discover the independence and joy of stopping or starting the visits whenever you want, enjoy stopping to take a picture anytime you want.

uzbekistan guided tour

Duration: 8 Days

Best time to visit: all year round

Type of the trip: cultural - adventure

Price: 260 USD

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Want to make it more personal?

If we have missed something you can share your Private Travel plans or ideas for Uzbekistan and we will be more than pleased to assist you in organizing your own personal tour in Uzbekistan. Regardless, how you want to travel and when you want to travel in Uzbekistan, making it come true will be our priority!

Get in touch to arrange your tour today, email info@tourscentralasia.com  or you can have a look at all our travel ideas here…


Highlights of Uzbekistan Tours with Locals packages:

Uzbekistan Tour with Locals | Private Tours of Uzbekistan in 2018 | Private Tours of Uzbekistan in 2018


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