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Uzbekistan Yurt Camping| Ayaz Kala and Nurata Yurts| Camps & Adventure Travel

Uzbekistan is already known as a Destination for Cultural Tours but still the country gives lots “Adventure in Uzbekistan” options to every traveler. Even if the Uzbeks have never been nomads, the steppes and deserts of the country have been home to nomadic tribes who mainly specialized in raising goats and camels. Today, the traveler in Uzbekistan can combine the classical visits with Yurt Stay in deserts.

There are several yurt camps available for travelers in Uzbekistan. Each camp has 10-15 yurts decorated in a very traditional style with handmade embroideries, wool carpets etc.

Yurt Camps in Uzbekistan

CentAsia Voyages offer Yurt Camping in 2 different parts of the country:

Ayaz Kala Yurt Camp

Yurt camps of ancient Khorezm. Just beside the ancient Ayaz Kala fortress there is a yurt camp called “Ayaz Yurt Camp” which is good for people who want to enjoy staying in a yurt next to one of the oldest fortresses of Central Asia.

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Nurata & Aydarkul Yurt Camps

The villages Yangigazgan and Dongalak in the Kyzylkum Desert near Nurata have several yurt camps which are good for travelers who want to stay in a desert yurt camp. Aydar Yurt Camp, Kizilkum Yurt Camp & Safari Yurt Camp give the opportunity to swim in the biggest lake of the country – Lake Aydarkul.

The Facilities in Uzbek Yurt Camps

All yurt camps can provide you with lunch & dinner (breakfast is always included in the cost of the accommodation). Individual travelers can get 1 yurt per couple. Travelers touring in bigger groups may be accommodated 2-8 person per yurt with individual beds and towels per person. There are toilets and shower in all of the camps.

Note: staying in yurt is a lovely adventurous activity and it is not recommended to travelers who prefer comfort all the time!

What to do in Yurt Camps in Uzbekistan?

The camps offer some enjoyable activities to travelers which include: camel riding, swimming in the lake Aydarkul, trekking in the desert, fishing, traditional Kazakh music program around campfire and enjoying Kazakh traditional foods.


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