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Uzbekistan State Museum of History

Uzbekistan State Museum of History

Описание: Image result for uzb tarix muzeyiThe Uzbekistan’s History Museum is a top place to visit for visitors who want to travel into the deed history of Uzbekistan. It will take you on a journey from old, antique Uzbekistan to the modern Uzbekistan through different epochs and periods. The Museum of History is a true center of historical sciences with over 250,000 precious exhibits.

What to See in the Museum of History of Uzbekistan?

The museum has different sections and each section is dedicated to one specific period of history of Uzbekistan: Antique periods; the first Oriental cities and governments in territory of old Uzbekistan; Alexander the Great and Greco-Bactrian empire; the beginning of Silk Road; wall & rock paintings; Uzbekistan under Arab & Mongol influence; Amir Temur & Temurids; local crafts & arts; Uzbekistan under Soviet Regime; Uzbekistan today;

The exhibits of the museum are doubtlessly valuable and original and it continues getting richer and richer. You can add the museum to your to-do-in-Uzbekistan list without any hesitation.

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