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Uzbekistan State Art Museum | National Art Gallery

Uzbekistan State Art Museum

The Art Museum of Tashkent is the richest art center of Tashkent. Visiting the museum requires a few hours because the diversity of the exhibits, their importance and quantity is just great.

The National Art Museum of Uzbekistan is the first museum of its genre. The museum was first founded as a Museum of National People’s University in 1918. Before being called Uzbekistan State Art Museum it was renamed as Tashkent Art Museum in 1924.

The private collection of Prince N. Romanov (paintings, statues, ceramic objects, furniture etc. from Russia and West Europe) served as the basis of the museum. The exhibits have been demonstrated in the building of the People’s University. After the earthquake of Tashkent (1966) the current building of the museum was built in 1974.

Gradually the museum had been enriched from the reserves of other museums and from private collections. Overall, the museum owns over 50,000 exhibits from Russia, east and west Europe as well as eastern countries.

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National Art Gallery of Uzbekistan

The National Gallery of Uzbekistan was founded in 2004 with the initiative of the First President of Uzbekistan on the day of Independence.

The gallery has a rich collection which demonstrates all variety of crafts and arts of 20th century of Uzbekistan. The gallery has over 2000 chef d’euvres national painting and 2500+ precious coins of all history of Central Asia, ancient & contemporary art, national clothes etc. The main objective of the gallery is showing the local and traditional arts & crafts of Uzbekistan to the whole world.



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