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Theatre National Costumes El Merosi | Best Cultural Activities in Samarkand


"El merosi" means "People's Heritage" and this fabulous theatre offers a great show which demonstrates the traditional costunes of all history of Uzbekistan & Central Asia with beautiful music & dances since 2005.

The theater presents costumes of various historical periods. These costumes have become a chronicle of the life of our ancestors, who, through the language of color, form, ornament and drawing, will reveal to us the secrets of the beauty of the national costumes.

Here are some fragments of the costumes of Samarkand:

1. The costumes of Scythian horsemen and warriors of the first millennium BC, was created on the basis of the funds of the Hermitage, the Institute of Oriental Studies, the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan.

2. The costumes of the Achaemenids dates from the 8th century BC, it was created on the motives of stone and majolica bas-reliefs, palaces in Persepolis, Babylon. The clothes of rich people and soldiers are presented.

3. Anahita costume, 6th century BC, was based on the materials of the Samarkand Historical Museum (clay figures of the goddess Anahit).

4. Costume of Sogdians, IV-VII centuries. Was created from materials of archaeological expeditions on the sites of Afrosiab, Penjikent, Farakhshi, Balalyk-Tepa (wall murals).

5. Costumes Timurides, XIV-XV centuries., Created on the motives of miniatures Shah-Nama, Bobur-Nama, Zafar-Nama.

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