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The Metro of Tashkent | Tour to Tashkent Metro

The Metro of Tashkent | Tour to Tashkent Metro

The metro of Tashkent is popular among the local population as a comfortable and cheap means of public transport whereas the visitors of Tashkent see it as one of the interesting places to see in Tashkent. It is interesting for being nice and clean, for being very beautiful with stations decorated differently one from the others and for being safe.


The Lines of Tashkent Metro

The metro of Tashkent has 3 different lines (4th line is under construction). The first line was built from 1972 to 1977 and has 9 stations. In 1980 3 more stations were added and they have become 12.

The second line had been built between the years 1984-1991 and the third line was opened in 2001.

The Most Beautiful Stations of Tashkent Metro

Each station is differently decorated with noble materials like marble, granite and bronze. Among travelers the most popular stations to see are : Pakhtakor and Mustaqillik Maydoni, But if you have more time in Tashkent you can go to see any other station which is looks like no other station.

Tashkent Metro Facts, Tips & Details:

  • The oldest line of Tashkent Metro is 11 km long;
  • The distance between stations is on average 3 km and every 37minutes one new train comes to the station;
  • As a tradition the local people in public transport offer their seats to older people, the disabled and people with little children (included pregnant). If you are a young traveler taking a public transport in Uzbekistan you must not forget this tradition;
  • Don’t take photos in the metro of Tashkent;
  • Average speed of the metro is 39km/h;
  • 300,000+ passenger use the metro daily;
  • Total number of stations is 29; total length 39km;







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