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The Earthquake of Tashkent | Monument of Courage Before and After

Описание: Image result for tashkent earthquake 196626 April, 1966y.

When you visit Tashkent all around the city you are going to see modern Soviet style buildings. Until you reach the old part of Tashkent you do not feel like you are in an old Oriental City which was one of the main stops for traders of the Silk Road. At this moment you have to know the fact that the whole city had been completely destroyed by the Earthquake of Tashkent in 1966.

Just in a few seconds, over 78,000 children or some 300,000 people have lost their homes. Total 236 Buildings, over 700 trade complexes, 181 educational institutions, 185 medical and 245 industrial establishments turned into dust. All Soviet Republics sent works, construction materials for reconstructing the city and for building accommodation for over 300,000 people. Among all countries Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan participated in the constructions more than the others.

Within 4 years Tashkent already had schools for over 18,200 children and accommodation of over 4million km2.

Описание: Image result for tashkent earthquake 1966

Описание: Image result for tashkent earthquake 1966

Описание: Image result for tashkent earthquake 1966


Monument of Courage Tashkent | Tashkent Earthquake

Описание: Image result for tashkent monument of courageTashkent is an interesting city to live and to travel with quite a good number of worth-visiting attractions and sights. Among interesting monuments of Tashkent there is one little known place which is called the “Monument of Courage”.

The Monument of Courage in Tashkent is a memorial to the destructive earthquake of 1966. This earthquake had destroyed over 90 percent of all Tashkent turning the biggest city of Central Asia into dust. The monument was built 10 years after the earthquake in 1976 after the end of colossal building projects in the city.

The monument stills stands in central part of Tashkent as a memory from the victims of the earthquake and for thousands of people who have worked for years in order to build the city.


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