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Tamerlane’s Cave | Fantastic Natural Sights of Uzbekistan

Tamerlane or Amir Temur is the most renowned ruler of all history of Central Asia. Stories of historians and legends have many times witnessed that Tamerlane as a young military leader had organized regular attacks to the descendants of Genghis Khan (who were ruling over Central Asia until 14t century) and could hide his soldiers in caverns. One of such Caves of Temur is situated in the Gissar Mountains in the territory of Yakkabog district, Kashkadarya region.

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It's not easy to get into the cave. On all sides you are surrounded by high rocks. Going down to the bottom of the canyon, you get into a stone "bag", in which even the sunlight does not fall. The width of the canyon then narrows to 10-12 meters, then it widens to 50-60 meters. Vertical walls of the canyon go as high as 200-300 meters. Crossing the river and going through thick bushes and trees on the right side of the river brings to the unexpected entrance of the cave which is wonderfully hidden by the nature.

The entrance of the cave looks like an arch of 6m high and 7 m wide. A long and 10-15 m high corridor goes down the cave. On the walls one can see some flows of mountain water. This main corridor does not have turnings to the right or left and it goes only straight ahead about 400 meters. But then it gets more complicated because of several narrow roads and after these roads one can reach the deepest part of the cave where there is a temporary lake which disappears in the autumn till next summer.

No one can prove or refuse if it really was one of the cave used by Tamerlane. The important thing is –it is a beautiful creation of nature.  


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