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Summer Residence of Emirs of Bukhara | Sitorai Mokhi Khossa

Sitorai Moki Khossa – the secondary palace, summer residence of emirs of Bukhara was built after the invasion of Bukhara by the Russian Tsarist army. The Tsarist Russians have built this palace for sending the last Bukharan emir far from his capital and far from his main palace. The palace is among top places to visit in Bukhara.


In the end of 19th century the emirate of Bukhara had become a part of the territories of Russia and the royal family had lost their power and their dignity. It permitted the emir to forget all political issues in his government and he was passing his “peaceful” life in his palaces in Shakrisabz, Karmana, Shirgaron (destroyed) and Crimea, traveling frequently to Saint Petersburg on his private train etc. But at the same time his son Alim Khan (the last emir of Bukhara in the future) was studying at a military school of Saint Petersburg and was getting ready to build a “bridge” between two empires.

The palace contains the traditional architectural styles of Central Asia and Russia. Sitorai Mokhi Khossa had been built with the help of local architects as well as skilled Russian and German workers.

The palace is situated about 4 kilometers far from the city center and was built in a beautiful garden of the emirs in 1911-1912 years. The palace compounds of 4 different parts:

  • The entrance part where there were workshops of craftsmen who were supposed to prepare gifts for every honored visitor of the emir;
  • Main, administrative part. The exterior of this palace reminds of Russian palaces and this part includes a White Hall, chess playing room, Hammam – Bath, reception hall. In front of the this part of the palace one can see the statue of Usta Shirin Muradov – the leader of decorators of the palace ;
  • Octagonal palace – designed for accommodating the visitors of the last emir of Bukhara. Today, this part has a small gallery of national garments;
  • harem of emirs of Bukhara – possesses a gallery of embroidery;

Recommended for travelers who are going to visit Bukhara for more than one day. It is located on the main road from Bukhara to Samarkand and can be visited during road transfer Bukhara-Samarkand.





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