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Sudoche Lake | Tours to the Aral Sea

Lake Sudoche (Sudovshin) is the largest inland water body of the Amu Darya River. When the river was full of water, its two sleeves Raushan and Priemezyak fed Sudochye, which through a channel was connected with the Aral Sea. Today, most of the water left about 150 km from here, and the lake became shallower and disintegrated into several smaller ones. In the background, lies the Ustyurt plateau. The coastal zone is covered with small bushes, salt, and the soil is struck by a variety of texture and color.

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The origin of the word Sudoche is curious. In Uzbek language, the lake is called "Suvdoshin", from the words "suv" (water) and "doshin" (full). So it may mean “a lake full of water”.

Lake Sudoche is located in the western part of the Amudarya delta. The area is about 300 km ², the altitude above sea level is 53 m. It is fed by the arms of the Amu Darya Raushan and Priememziak. Prior to the problems of the Aral Sea, it was connected to it by a narrow channel and served as a breeding ground for semi-migratory fish species. The fish catch in Sudoche reached 2000 tons per year.


The mineralization of the Sudoche is 3-4 ‰. In the warm season, the water warms up to 25-27 ° C. In November-December the reservoir freezes.

At present, Sudoche is 80-85 km from the Aral Sea.

Nearest cities: Kungrad, Chimbay, Nukus in Karakalpakstan.


What to do at Sudoche lake and Trips to the Aral Sea?


Sudoche lake used to be a part of the Aral Sea and due to that the travelers who want to see the waters of the Aral Sea are proposed to go to Sudoche. This tour can be added as an extension to any type of trips in Uzbekistan.

Itinerary: Nukus – Sudoche – Muynaq – Nukus

It includes Offroad Drive from Nukus to Sudoche; overnight in tents; swimming in the lake (following the season); dinner and breakfast by the lake; visiting the cemetery of boats in Muynaq.

Season: April - September

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