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Stone Forest Djarkuduk| Uzbekistan Nature Travel Guide


Djarkuduk is a wonder of nature in Uzbekistan.

Djarkuduk is situated in the region of Navoi near Mingbuloq district and in terms of variety of relics it is unique in the whole world. The remains of Djarkuduk witness that Uzbekistan used to be home to dinosaurs, crocodiles, sharks and stingrays.

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The site is not yet completely studied. The monument has a complex structure, the age interval of sediments covers more than 9 million years. This is a unique paleontological monument of international significance. Fossilized remains of dinosaurs in this place lie directly on the surface.

Another fabulous thing about the place is the Stone forest. The “trees” reach 4 meter height and some of them still hold teeth of sharks, remains of freshwater turtles. The site has hundreds of that trees.

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