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Samarkand Silk Paper Workshop| Samarkand Sights & Attractions Guide

Among lots of different crafts of Central Asia the art of producing paper as developed for centuries together with the development of culture and literature.

Samarkand Paper Workshop is Recommended to visit in Samarkand.

As noted by the well-known orientalist Adam Metz, the production of Samarkand paper was launched in the 9th-10th centuries. This revolution could liberate the east from the monopoly of Egypt, which produced expensive papyrus. The paper produced in China and Samarkand rapidly replaced the Egyptian papyrus and parchment. The discovery of inexpensive materials for producing the paper and the perfection of the production helped Samarkand Paper become the number one paper in the Medieval East for its quality and cheapness.

Longtime Samarkand remained as the only paper producer in Central Asia. Later-on the technologies of Samarkand reached Spain (12th century) and the whole Europe. But in the 17th century the papers of Samarkand started losing their importance. Mechanically produced, cheaper papers of Russia arrived in Central Asia and put an end the life of Samarkand paper. Only about 400 years later the “Samarkand Paper Workshop” is founded with the help of the government of Uzbekistan.

The development of tourism in Uzbekistan served as a key factor to the opening of the workshop and now the workshop enjoys the fact of being among the most visited places in Samarkand

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