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Samarkand & Bukhara Silk Carpets Workshop| Samarkand Sights & Attraction

 “Samarkand-Bukhara Silk Carpet” workshop established in 1992 as a Joint Venture with the aim of reviving the lost tradition of carpet weaving in Central Asia. Located in the center of old Samarkand. This workshop/factory is recommended to visit in Samarkand. This can be a great tour to the world of carpets of Bukhara & Samarkand which are considered to be among the best carpets in the whole planet.

The workshop has all different types of carpets of Central Asia. The producers are more dedicated to to restore and conserve the oldest and most typical patterns of Central Asian carpets. These carpets are all named after the regions where they were made and after the tribes which invented the pattern.

Materials and Weaving techniques

A hand woven carpet is a unique object. To fully appreciate its individuality and craftsmanship it is important to gain an understanding of the basic principles of carpet weaving, which in itself can add a new intimacy to our love of carpets.

It takes many months to make a carpet. It requires millions of silk worms cocoons to make just one carpet. After the silk is gathered into threads, natural dyes are applied to the spools of silk thread. Each carpet is washed by brushing with water and carpet shampoo.

Natural Dyes, come from plants, minerals and insects. For plants dyes, any part of a plant could be used, flower, leaves, stems or roots. Some of the most natural dye sources are outlined below:

  • Madder: beige and brown colors
  • Pomegranate: pink and red colors
  • Indigo: for dark blue, light blue and green (mixed with isparak flower)
  • Asparagus flower: for yellow and orange (mixed with madder)
  • Cochineal for red and sometimes Saffran for yellow and golden colors.


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