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Sacred Source Tshashma, Citadel of Alexander the Great| Nurata Sights

The people of Uzbekistan are not practically religious due to their Soviet background. But they respect all sacred places of the country and try to visit at least one of such places every year. Among Most Visited Sacred Places of Uzbekistan there is the Chashma Water Source in the city of Nurata which attracts thousands of local and foreigner visitors yearly.


Nurata is an famous destination in Uzbekistan among travelers thank to its geographic location. It is situated in the region of Navoi which lies between Samarkand & Bukhara. Besides as an oasis between desert and mountains Nurata serves as the only stopping-point for travelers going to stay in nomadic yurts in the Kyzylkum Desert or for travelers who go for swimming in the lake Aydarkul. 90 percent of Individual or Group travelers stop in Nurata for lunch and then they drive towards the desert. As an option the city offers its main attraction in the city where there are a couple of mosques and a natural source of water which is called as “Sacred Water”.

The word Chashma means “source of water” in Uzbek language. The locals say that once a meteorite, with radiant light fell onto the ground and the source appeared on the place where the meteorite fell. People believe that this meteorite had medicinal elements which make the water sacred and good for health. Recommended to visit in Nurota!

Nur Citadel of Alexander the Great| Nurata Sights & Attractions

While driving into the tiny city of Nurata from far one can easily see the ruins of an ancient citadel on high hills. The local people call it “Nur Citadel” and some historians call it “the Citadel of Alexander the Great”.

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The Nur Citadel or citadel of Alexander the Great is located in the city of Nurata just next to the sacred source Chashma. Even if some people really believe that it was constructed by the army of Alexander the Great, actually it was built before the arrival of this conqueror in Central Asia. From the other hand Alexander wanted to cross Central Asia for reaching India and he did not need to build cities in Central Asia. But he had experienced very serious resistance in Central Asia and needed to reinforce some existing-cities for his own protection. That was the case in Nurata. His soldiers have reconstructed a part of the walls of the citadel.

As Nurata is a border between deserted areas and prosperous cities of Central Asia, it was accepted as the door to Bukhara where most of the caravans stopped. Even when Genghis Khan was close to the doors of Nurata (1220y) before attacking to Bukhara, the people of Nurata thought that it was a big caravan traveling to Bukhara. But …







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