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Roman Catholic Church of Christian Tashkent| St Alexander Nevskiy Cathedral

The Roman Catholic Church is the largest establishment of Christianity in Tashkent. The Roman Catholic Church of Tashkent enjoys the same rights and privileges.

At present, there are five religious organizations in the Roman Catholic Church in Uzbekistan - the Roman Catholic Churches Center and four religious organizations. All the leaders of the five religious organizations are citizens of the Vatican City and have diplomatic authority.

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The beginning of 20th centuries somehow witnessed construction of several churches in different Central Asian cities which were done in order to strengthen the European societies in Central Asia. The Tashkent Catholic Church also had been built during this period with the help of Catholic soldiers in the Russian army.

The construction went too slowly and the Bolshevik Revolution stopped the constructions in 1917. Father Joseph Sowinski could continue somehow his activity very secretly but in 1937 he was imprisoned.

All attempts to complete the construction have been useless and only in 1976 it was reconstructed and given to the government of Soviet Uzbekistan. In 1981 the Church received the status of historical site and cultural heritage of the city of Tashkent. In 1992 after the Independence of Uzbekistan the Church is given back to the Catholic Parish in Tashkent.

St. Alexaner Nevskiy Cathedral| Tashkent Sights & Attractions

The Saint Aleksander Nevskiy Catheral is one of the rare old cathedrals of Tashkent. The cathedral had been built in 1902-1905 in the territory of Botkin cemetery.

The construction of the cathedral was carried out by F. Smirnov following the project of L. Burmeyster. The construction had been completed with the money of private benefactors as well as the financial sources of the city. The cathedral suffered a lot from the earthquake of 1966 but it did not fall down and was restored.




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