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Residence of Prince Romanov | Romanovs’ Palace in Tashkent

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In the centre of modern Tashkent there is a small building which is hidden between two main parks of the city – Place of Independence and Park Amir Temur.

The building was built in 1891 as a construction of Russian architecture by architects A.L Benua and V.S. Geyntselman. The location of the building was in the most administrative part of the Russian Tashkent.

The palace was built for Prince Nikolay Romanov Konstantinovich who was exiled to Central Asia for all his life. N. K. Romanov had lived his life in Tashkent. During his life in Tashkent he adapted himself to the lifestyle of Tashkent and contributed in improvement of irrigation system in some parts of Tashkent and around as well as built lots of several constructions which helped the newcomer Russians enjoy their stay in this Central Asia city. Furthermore, N. K. Romanov was an enthusiast of art and his private collection of artworks became very important part of the National Art Museum of Uzbekistan.

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