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Palace of Khudayar Khan Kokand| Fergana Sights & Guide

Situated in the ancient city of Kokand, the palace of Khudayar Khan is doubtlessly the main architectural heritage of all Fergana Valley. The palace was built as the main residence of the khans of Kokand who liberated the region from the Emirs of Bukhara in the beginning of the 19th century.

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Built in 1871, the palace includes all details and aspects of a classical palace of rulers of Central Asia. It used to have a harem, a special place where the rulers prayed, received the ambassadors, had rest etc. The wide and typical façade of the palace can be noticed from far. Two small minarets on each side give a harmonic perfection to the building.

The palace was built by the khan of Kokand Khudoyar (Khudoyor) Khan in 1863-1873 years. He did not want his palace to be called “Ark” like in Bukhara and the palace of Kokand was called “Orda”. Khudoyor had built this palace for his Kyrgyz mother Hakim Ayin. Hakim Ayin, on the other hand was probably not charmed by the majestic decorations of the palace and had built her own Kyrgyz Yurt in the courtyard of the palace.   

Unfortunately, this young, new government of Kokand in Fergana Valley had become an easy pray for Russian Tsarist army and the palace did not survive the terrors of the battles. Most of the 119 apartments, 7 inner houses in the palace had been destroyed. The hard work of over 16000 people was lost. Today only 2 inner houses and some 19 apartments are conserved.

Despite huge destructions the palace still has some perfect examples of wall painting, wood carving and splendid stucco works. Today the apartments of the palace of kings of Kokand have become a part of a museum of history. An American diplomat Shuller described it as the most beautiful and the biggest palace of Central Asia.

The Orda of Khudoyor khan is one of the architectural jewels of the city of Kokand

The Palace of Khudayarkhan is a MUST VISIT place in Fergana Valley.



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