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Opera & Ballet Theatre Alisher Navoi

Opera & Ballet Theatre Alisher Navoi

Описание: https://meros.uz/uploads/wonder/5534c10b2f4a8.jpgThe theatre had been built in the centre of Tashkent between the years 1939-1947. The construction of the theatre was started just before the beginning of the World War2 and it was postponed in 1942 due to the war. Close to the end of the war in 1944 the workers came back to continue the constructions of the theatre. For accelerating the works, in 1945 Japanese prisoners of the had been sent to Tashkent and they have participated in the constructions till 1947.

The author of the project and the responsible person was famous Soviet architect Shusev. He had become a famous Soviet architect after leading the construction of the mausoleum of Lenin in Moscow. His plan was building the biggest theatre of the region which could host the plays of local regional and international theatre groups.

In the theatre there are 8 different parts with 8 different elements of decorations of 8 regions of Soviet Uzbekistan and it was the biggest and most popular theatre of all Central and south-east Asia. Before the beginning of the constructions it was planned to be called Uzbek State Opera & Ballet Theatre but in 1948 it was renamed State Opera & Ballet Theatre named after Alisher Navoi; Alisher Navoi is the founder of classical Uzbek literature who lived in the 15-16th centuries.

In the years 1959, 1966 it was twice renamed as Academic and Katta (means Big like Bolshoi in Russia).

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