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Muynaq & Cemetery of Boats| Muynak Sights & Attractions

The graveyard of fishing boats of the Dead Sea in Muynaq is one of the top things to see in Karakalpakstan. Muynaq is situated in Uzbekistan, in the autonomous republic of Karakalpakstan. Before 1960 one could go to Muynaq by sea, or by car or even by plane and today only the first option is available. Travelers who want to see the sad but spectacular cemetery of boats of the Aral Sea need to drive about 200 kilometers from the city of Nukus, where there is the closest airport.  

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The passion of the Soviets to have more cotton led to one of the biggest human-made catastrophes of the 20th century. Producing water-loving cotton in extremely vast areas and using all water resources of the region for irrigating the fields was the reason for the drying of the Aral Sea. From 1960 the level of the water of Aral Sea started decreasing by one meter every year and it was not only the end of the Aral Sea but it was the end of the life of numerous villages and cities around the Aral Sea. one of these places was Muynaq.

From nearly half million population of Muynaq only about 10,000 still live in the city. Visitors arriving in Muynaq cross the central street of the city and then turn right for going to see the place where several boats of the sea are laying on the sand. The scenery is quite difficult to describe with words but no one leaves the place with unbelievably strong emotions. Besides, travelers in Muynaq can visit the museum of the history of the Aral Sea.

What to See in Muynaq?

  • A city and population which are the victims of colossal Stalinian projects;
  • A graveyard of boats;
  • Museum of history of the Aral Sea;
  • On the road to Muynaq, in Khojeyli you can visit the necropolis Mizdakhan – Mazlumkhan Suluv;
  • Next to Mizdakhan complex there you can visit the ruins of the fortress Gaur Kala.

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