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Museum of Victims of Big Political Repression in Tashkent

This can be the best museum of Tashkent for people who want to see the dark history of Uzbekistan. The years 1937-38 like all other Soviet countries Uzbekistan also had lived probably the hardest years of the century where every intelligent person was being imprisoned and sent to places where there were no way to survive. The museum was opened in 2002 with the initiative of the first President of Uzbekistan.


The museum is dedicated for the memory of people who fought for the Independence of Uzbekistan and became the victims of Stalin’s regime. It is about nearly 50,000 well-educated Uzbeks who were killed. It is about nearly 90 percent of the Uzbek children who could not go to schools.

How to go to the Museum of Victims of Political Repression in Tashkent?

The museum is easy to find it is situated right in front of the Tashkent TV Tower and Central Asia Plov Center.

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