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Museum of Applied Arts Tashkent

The Museum of Applied Arts in Tashkent is considered as one of the best museums of Tashkent and is included in the travel programs of minimum 95% of travelers and the museum is more than worth visiting. This is a small but brilliant gallery of local arts which have become the art. Simply, the best place to see and compare the crafts of all Uzbekistan. each part of the museum is dedicated to a different type of arts/crafts and has works from nearly all regions of the country.

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The museum was built as a home-palace of Russian Diplomat A. Polovtsev. Polovtsev loved the local arts and he gathered the architects from main cities of Uzbekistan in order to build his residence with all beauties of the architecture of Uzbekistan. But unfortunately he was obliged to return to Russia and could never live in his wonderful house.

Later-on this house has become a house of expositions of national arts and crafts. All regions of the country were supposed to send the best samples of crafts of their territory to expose in the exposition. A big number of objects coming to the exposition every year became a very rich collection and in 1997 the residence of Polovtsev and all objects in it became a part of a new State Museum called “Museum of Applied Arts”.

What to See in the Museum of Applied Arts in Tashkent?

The museum has different parts and travelers start visiting them from the right side where they see first the gallery of Suzani-Embroideries, head wears and traditional clothes. The second main part is the gallery of Uzbek ceramics which brings you to the 3rd and probably the most important part which is decorated in the style of rich Fergana houses. Besides you can see the porcelain of Tashkent, musical instruments, lacquered miniature, modern embroideries, knifes, carpets, wood carving works etc.

In the territory of the museum there are several shops for shopping lovers and a small coffee shop.

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