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Mosque of Travelers Khazrati Khizr| Samarkand Sights & Attractions

The mosque Khazrat Khizr is called “Mosque of Voyagers” by the local people because it is situated on the crossroads where every traveler of Silk Road used to come. Merchants coming from Iran, India, Russia etc used to pass beside this mosque and this facts makes it a true mosque of travelers.

The mosque was probably first built in the 8th century after the arrival of the Arabic troops which brought Islam as a new religion. The mosque was destroyed by Genghis Khan’s soldiers and only in the 19th century the current mosque built replacing the ruins of the older one.

While the mosque is not so big, it can still attract the attention of visitors of Samarkand by its delicate decorations. Its beautiful Aiwan (terrace) a small dome and minaret altogether make a beautiful ensemble.

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