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Mosque Magoki Attari | Bukhara Sights & Museums Guide

Magoki Attori is the oldest mosque of all Bukhara which survived the colossal destructions of Genghis Khan in the 13th century. The mosque is situated in the central part of old Bukhara not far from the architectural complex lyabi-Khauz.

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Here, close the southern gate (called gate Attaron), before the arrival of Muslim Arabs there was a Zoroastrian Temple. In the early 700s the Arabs invade the city of Bukhara and order the local people to build the first mosque of the city instead of the Zoroastrian temple.

In the 12th century the mosque was reconstructed with some ceramic tiles. The mosque was reconstructed for the last time in the 16th century by the Shaybanid rulers. The Shaybanid rulers have tried to turn the city of Bukhara into a real commercial center of the Great Silk Road and they have constructed hundreds of magnificent buildings. After construction of several bigger and brilliantly decorated mosques Magoki Attori has become one of the small mosques of the city.

The Mosque Magoki Attari is recommended to travelers who love ancient, original architectural styles. Today the mosque has become a museum of Silk Road Carpets.


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