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Mosque Kok Gumbaz | Shakhrisabz Sights & Attractions Guide

Shakhrisabz is an interesting destination in Uzbekistan which is known as the city where Amir Temur (Tamerlane) was born and lived. The city is interesting to see some amazing constructions which date back 14th and 15th centuries, built by Temur or by members of his family. One of these monuments of Shakhrisabz is called “Kok Gumbaz” which boasts for a magnificent mosque built in 1435 by a grandson of Tamerlane – Ulugh Beg.

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Ulugh Beg tried to invest n education, healthcare, building bridges and improving the irrigation systems. As a ruler scientist very rarely he invested in religion and Kok Gumbaz is one of his few projects dedicated to religion. The mosque was built for the honor of Ulugh Beg’s father.

The big blue dome of the mosque can be noticed from different parts of the city. The dome is fascinating and its interior even more captivating. Inside there are 4 big niches on corners which hold the bog dome and the paintings on the dome is just wonderful.

 In front of the mosque there are 2 small mausoleums and altogether these three constructions are called the ”Ensemble Darut Tilovat”. These 2 mausoleums hold the tombs of Shamsiddin Kulal (military and spiritual guide of Temur) and the tombs of Sayyidan (Sayyids were famous religious family from the city of Termez).

Shakhrisabz is a good option to add to longer tours in Uzbekistan. Travelers can do a one-day-tour-to-Shakhrisabz from Samarkand or it can be visited as a part of transfer Samarkand – Bukhara.




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