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Mizdakhan & Gaur Kala| Nukus Spiritual Sights Guide

Mizdakhan (Mazlumkhan) is big architectural complex which had been created between 4th century B.C and 14th century A.D. Located in the district Khojeyli, 25 kilometers far from Nukus, in the autonomous republic of Karakalpakstan.


Before becoming a necropolis Mizdakhan used to be a developed city, located close to the main routes of the Silk Road. The name of the complex is taken from the name of a well restored mausoleum of Mazlumkhan Sulu (14th century). Legends say that Mazlumkan Sulu (beautiful) was a daughter of the city (disappeared) and she fell in love with the prince of an enemy city. This story of love has the same tragedy and story of “Romeo and Juliet”.

This vast necropolis is full of legends and mystical stories and is over two thousand years old. One of the mystical facts is about the “world clock”. The world clock is a monument in the complex. It is believed that every year one brick falls from this monument and when all bricks will be destroyed it will be the end of the world. Today, about one third of the bricks are already lying next to it. People believe that if anyone builds a pyramid from these bricks (must be seven bricks) and makes a wish, it will come true.

Every construction in it has several legends that local people know quite well. These legends and stories have been transmitted from mouth to mouth for more than 200 years. Another mystical monument is the mausoleum of Tchamun Nabi. Tchamun Nabi was a giant and his 25 meter long tomb, with seven domes can be easily found.

One of these most popular stories is about the mausoleum of Mazlumkhan Sulu (14th century). It’s a very classical love story where a local princess Mazlumkhan Sulu falls in love with a foreigner but together with her beloved she throws herself from the top of a high minaret because her father does not want them live together.

CentAsia Voyages accepts this place as one of the most mystical places in all Uzbekistan and Mizdakhan complex is recommended to visit in Karakalpakstan. The ruins of the citadel Gaur Kala is situated a few hundred meters far from Mizdakhan and is another interesting place of interest in the region.


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