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Minaret Vabkent (Vobkent)| Bukhara Sights & museums Guide

The Vabkent minaret of Bukhara is one of the constructions of Karakhanid governors. The Karakhanids have been brilliant builders but unfortunately only few monuments of this period can be found today in Central Asia. Genghis Khan had destroyed nearly every monument built prior to 13th century.

This surprisingly beautiful minaret is 9 meters high and stands without being noticed by thousands of travelers heading up to Bukhara. If you will be driving from Samarkand to Bukhara following the Royal Road, 20 kilometers before arriving in Bukhara, in the village of Vobkent you can find this marvelous minaret of the 12th century.

Its Arabic inscriptions confirm that the minaret had been built in 1196 by the order of Bukhari Addin Ayud al-Aziz II. The minaret of Vobkent is about 70 years younger than the Kalon minaret of Bukhara. Both minarets have been built by the rulers of the same dynasty. They have the same style of construction and simple, brick decorations.

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The minarets are constructions which are used for calling the Muslims to prayer but sometimes they were built to show the power and nobleness of the person who financed the construction. Anyway, a few centuries later they have all become a part of religious or cultural heritage of the country. This is the same for the minaret of Vobkent. The minaret of Vabkent is still standing as a witness of long history of the region.




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