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Minaret Jarkurgan

A bit far from Termez, in the south of Uzbekistan there is a small village called Jarkurgan. Jarkurgan has never been an important cultural or trade center but it has a wonderful minaret which was enough for making the name of the village famous all over Uzbekistan. The minaret is unique with its corrugated form which and it does not look like any other minaret in Central Asia.


Sixteen semicircular folds of bricks form the body of the minaret. Once the minaret stood next to a large mosque. Time, climate and battles did not let the mosque to live long time but the minaret has survived. However, it has a slight slope. In the end of the 19th, beginning of the 20th century, one could still see the ruins of the mosque.

The minaret was built in 1108-1109 years. During the last centuries the minaret has become much shorter and currently its height is about 21 meters. On the top of the minaret there is a circular part which has some texts of Koran. But the text is not complete which means that there was another circle which has the second part of the text. Apart from its religious significance the minaret was also used for military purposes as an observation tower and for making “signal fire” when enemies approached.

Today the minaret is restored and open for visitors.

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