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Memorial Park of Babur Andijan| Fergana Sights Guide

When travelers arrive in Fergana valley and they have more free time they think about what to do in the region apart from visiting the ceramic and silk factories in Rishtan & Margilan. Here, the option of driving 100 kilometers and arriving in the city of Andijan can be a good idea. This small one-day-trip can be filled with visits to the bazaar of Andijan and a visit to the ruins of Kuva citadel on the road.

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Modern Andijan is famous in Uzbekistan and Central Asia as a place where most of the automobiles (General Motors in Uzbekistan) of the country are produced and the old Andijan is more known as the hometown of Babur. Babur was a direct descendant of Tamerlane and Babur was the founder of the empire of Great Moghols in India. He pretends to be among the strongest politician and diplomat of all history as a man who became the ruler of vast territories without using arms.

The Park of Babur is situated in the city of Andijan not far from the city’s main bazaar. As a main center of attractions of a big region it receives a great number of visitors all year round. Especially, it is crowded on Saturday. The park was founded in 1993. Babur used to come a lot to the garden which was located on the same place. In the park there is a statue of Babur and a small museum of his history. Besides, the park is full of small attractions to enjoy and lots of eateries.


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